Protect You Home from Termites By Going Green

Living in South Florida has its perks. The weather is warm all year long. But there are two things that scare every homeowner–hurricanes and termites. A hurricane can be forecasted by a meteorologist. But unless you get your home regularly inspected for termites, they can infiltrate and destroy your home quickly.  Each year, four million American homes will be attacked by termites. Damage caused by these menaces is more common than storms, floods, fire or earthquakes. Despite these scary facts, most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover termite damage.

 There are four common types of termites found in South Florida—drywood, dampwood, subterranean and Formosan. These insects are typically found in areas where the climate is warm, wet and humid. They have the ability to crawl through holes in the soil the size of pencil lead. It only takes two termites to start an entire colony. Once they enter your house, termites have the ability to eat all wood or anything with a cellulose base. This means they are capable of eating paper, cardboard, insulation, asphalt, plaster, metal sheeting and lastic.

There are many different chemicals used by pest control companies for termite treatment. But what distinguishes Accurate Pest Control from its competitors is its green approach. Accurate Pest Control is serious about protecting your home as well as the environment. One of the revolutionary new tools available to Accurate are Termistop flanges and blockouts. These products can form a strong and enduring physical barrier against termites, without the use of chemicals. Flanges are placed at plumbing and electrical pipes or concrete penetrations around the house where termites can gain entry.  The flanges are made from stainless steel mesh. By creating this barrier, it reduces the need to use chemical termiticides around the living space of your home. As people are becoming more environmentally conscious, new buildings are using LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified construction methods.  Termistop products qualify as an effective termite barrier for many green building programs.

The best way to prevent termites from ever entering your home is to get a home inspection from Accurate Pest Control. Our team of highly-trained technicians knows where to look and how to correctly identify problem areas in in your home where termites live or breed. Family-owned and located in Plantation, FL, the experts at Accurate Pest Control know what it takes to keep homes in South Florida free of insects and pests. For more information, call 1-800-749-8588 today. 

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