Green Solutions for Pest Control in Plantation


Going green is a pretty popular mantra these days in just about every aspect of our lives. From how we get around to the food we eat and everything in between, being environmentally conscious is something many people have dedicated their lives to. When it comes to pest control in Plantation however, many people don’t realize that green solutions are a distinct possibility for a South Florida homeowner. Green pest control involves using organic insecticides and other pest exterminators instead of toxic chemicals. People with children or pets are some of the most common homeowners who look into green solutions in Plantation so nobody in the family is exposed to dangerous chemicals. Accurate Pest Control specializes in green pest control and has the skills and expertise to help anyone rid their home and yard from annoying rodents, termites, ants or any other unwanted pest.

Green pesticides refer to those which are made from entirely organic sources. It was common to use synthetic pesticides until studies began showing that there could be negative health affects for human exposure. Rotenone, for example, is a green pesticide derived from the seeds of plants like the jicama vine. Not only is it made from a plant, but it has also been classified as very low risk for humans who come in contact with it. Many people chose to use boric acid in its powder form as another green pesticide method as it is poisonous for insects like ants and beetles.

Whenever you are in search of a pest control company in Plantation, make sure you ask around and inquire as to which companies practice green or non-toxic pest management solutions. While there is no denying that synthetic pesticides are often more efficient and effective at ridding pests from your home or yard, green solutions in Plantation can be equally successful when implemented by a professional such as at Accurate Pest Control. There are certain techniques and pieces of equipment utilized by pest control specialists which are specifically designed to send pests packing once and for all.

Trying to tackle a termite infestation or stop the line of ants marching across your counter all by yourself is often a fruitless endeavor. It seems like no matter what you do, the bugs just keep coming back for more. When you’ve reached your limit with household pests, call Accurate Pest Control and get the job done right!

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