Brace Yourselves; Termite Season is Here


Unless used to describe an infestation of puppies and kittens, the word swarm generally isn’t a positive one. As spring rolls around, the word swarm is going to pop up more and more as termite season gets into full swing. When bees swarm, it’s a way to protect their hive from an intruder. When termites swarm, they are generally looking for a new site to make a nest or a new source of food. Termite swarms can be very large as the winged pests spread far and wide in search of greener pastures. Termites can thrive in most warm areas, but they tend to do the most damage in climates around 80 degrees with some moisture and a light breeze. Sound like South Florida? In fact, termites and other pests are such a large problem, many are abandoning do-it-yourself methods in favor of a professional pest control company in Plantation like Accurate Pest Control.

Recognizing termite damage can be difficult for someone who isn’t experienced in the field of pest control and termite management. Homeowners have so much on their plates already like insurance and mortgages that remembering to check your foundation for termite damage often falls by the wayside. Homeowners are often shocked when they finally discover the infestation and see how much damage has been done. It’s not uncommon for termites to cause thousands of dollars in damage right under a homeowner’s unsuspecting nose. Termites are very social, much like humans, meaning they live and work together very efficiently. They can burrow deep tunnels into both dry and damp wood leaving a wake of destruction in their path. When a homeowner finally notices a swarm of termites around their home, chances are it’s already too late and they have begun eating away at the home.

When that happens, it’s important to call the professionals at Accurate Pest Control right away. Hiring a pest control specialist in Plantation, FL means you’ll get quality service and the job will get done the right way the first time. An experienced exterminator understands the questions and concerns of the homeowner. Those who try to take on a serious infestation by themselves can quickly find themselves in over their head when every termite you exterminate gets replaced by 10 more from the nest. Call Accurate Pest Control today for more information about getting rid of termites, rats, bugs and rodents from your property.

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