Ants Invading your Home in Weston?

The people of Weston, FL have enough things to worry about without adding ants to the mix. Homeowners need to balance their family with work and paying bills so it’s not surprising that many ant infestations go unnoticed until it’s too late. There are nearly 70,000 people in Weston, FL and not all of them have problems with ants or other pests, but those who do will tell you that calling a professional pest control service like Accurate Pest Control can make all the difference when it comes to ridding your home of unwanted insect guests.

A single ant scuttling across a countertop or a windowsill may not seem like a big problem for most homeowners, but it can be. Ants only need the tiniest crack, crevice or opening to squeeze into your home and once they’re there, they won’t want to leave. When you see one ant, chances are its little friends are not far behind. Ants, like termites, are social insects who rarely accomplish anything on an individual level. Ants work collectively to find food, build nests and protect the queen ant so it’s rare to see one all by its lonesome. Ants are found all over the world starting with your garden variety black ants to nasty fire ants whose bite can be very painful and even fatal in some cases. Ant colonies can reach enormous sizes, usually between 300,000 and 500,000 insects, and when threatened, the whole colony can pack up and relocate relatively quickly. Using ant cups and other do it yourself methods are usually only good for the ants which are visible. It’s prudent to remember that the vast majority of the infestation lies deep in the walls and foundation of your home and it takes a true professional to ensure the problem is solved.

Getting rid of them can be a challenge and anyone who has tried to combat an ant problem on their own will tell you that bringing in a professional ant control company can save a lot of time, money and frustration. A company like Accurate Pest Control has the skills, equipment and expertise to solve your pest control issues once and for all. The technicians at Accurate Pest Control know exactly what to look for when it comes to locating and eradicating an infestation so call today and find out how a pest control expert can help solve your ant problem in Weston, FL!

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