Professional Pest Control Equipment Makes a Difference


Just like with any profession, when it comes to pest control, equipment matters. You wouldn’t see LeBron James on the basketball court wearing flip flops or Rick Scott giving a speech wearing tank top, right? So you won’t see the pest control specialists at Accurate Pest Control fighting bugs and rodents without the latest and greatest equipment in hand. Some may think of a pest control expert as a guy with a flashlight and a spray can full of chemicals rooting around in the basement, but we promise you it’s far more scientific and precise than that! At Accurate Pest Control, battling pesky rodents and terrible termites is what we do and we’re well prepared for the job. The experts at Accurate Pest Control have everything from dusters and foamers to bait guns and dehumidifiers so they get the job done right the first time.

Commercial bug sprayers and foamers are fairly common and you can pick them up at any home and garden store. However, the industrial equipment at Accurate Pest Control used to spread pesticides does a much better job. When you’re spraying pesticide, you don’t spray the actual insects themselves, rather the areas where bugs are likely to roam like around the foundation of the home. Understanding where to spray can vary depending on the type of infestation so working with a professional company like Accurate Pest Control is the best way to ensure that your bug problems are taken care of quickly and easily.

One piece of equipment that’s more difficult to come across commercially is an industrial strength fogger for bug infestations. Foggers are devices which release a specific insecticide into a home or business which contains lethal chemicals such as pyrethroid or pyrethrin. Foggers are effective at eradicating cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs and a whole host of other pest problems in Davie or Plantation. If you’re bug problem is looking like it’s going to be a serious issue, rather than chase ants around your kitchen with a sprayer, call Accurate Pest Control today and start living pest-free!

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