Looking for Effective Pigeon Control in Weston, FL?


Nobody in Weston, FL wants their home invaded by termites, ants or rodents. But there’s another overlooked pest which can cause significant damage to your property. Pigeons may be cute when they’re waddling around a park. But these dirty birds can leave droppings which can damage the structural materials of your home and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Accurate Pest Control Inc. now provides effective pigeon control service to ensure these pesky birds never harm your family or your home.

Many people consider birds our fine feathered friends. While domesticated birds make great pets, the birds outside your home can be a menace. In addition to their droppings, pigeons are particularly problematic because they are known to carry various illnesses and diseases. Just one pigeon can leave up to a pound of droppings in a week. But that’s just the beginning. Pigeons are also hosts to other pests such as fleas, ticks, lice and mites. They can build nests in your vents which can create potential fire hazards. Most people think little of the problem. But the consequences go beyond home repair. It can also ultimately lower the value of your property. Don’t continue to ignore the problem.

Accurate Pest Control Inc. now provides safe and effective pigeon control service to rid these birds from your property as well as prevent other birds from invading your home. Our pest control professionals use the latest equipment and techniques to keep your home pigeon free. Among the weapons used to keep pigeons out are stainless steel spikes, which can be placed on the rooftop and ledges to prevent pigeons from gathering.  Accurate Pest Control Inc. also takes great pride in using green solutions to provide the safest pigeon control service. Bird nettings and sonic audio repellers can be place around the exterior of your home to prevent pigeons from entering your property. Within a couple of weeks of  applying these green solution treatments, your property will be completely rid of pigeons.

Weston is a great place to raise a family and Accurate Pest Control wants to make sure you never have to worry about pigeons damaging your property. Now through May 31, Accurate Pest Control is offering a $50 coupon off pigeon control service. Just visit our website at www.accuratepestcontrolinc.com and print the coupon during the day of your service.  Hurry before this great offer is no longer valid.

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