Speedy Termite Control Provided By Accurate Pest Control, Inc.


Did you know that every year termites show up and attack about four million homes in the United States? That’s a lot of homes. Termites cause more than $6.5 billion in property damage. Termite damage consists of wood damage, discarded wings, mud tubes, termite mounds, and termite droppings. An infestation of termite swarmers can be very bad for any home in Plantation, FL. If you see any of those warning signs, you need to get some termite control in Plantation, FL and fast. You want your home to be clean, safe, and free from termites and other unwanted pests.

Most people don’t like to see any ants, roaches, flies, or termites in their home. There are different pest management options in Plantation you can seek out. You can get soil treatments. You can get fumigation treatment done. You can even get some green solutions for your termite problem, too.

One of the best companies in South Florida to call in regards to termite control and rodent control in Plantation, FL is Accurate Pest Control, Inc. Accurate Pest Control, Inc. has been providing Broward County residents with accurate and precise pest control services since 1984. This family owned business has been committed to offering the most cost effective Green solutions for termite and pest control to all of its customers. From small jobs to large locations, Accurate Pest Control, Inc. will help you get rid of all your termite and rodent issues.

Their expert pest control technicians work thoroughly to eliminate the pests from your property. Their termite control services are on point. When you call Accurate Pest Control, Inc. and tell them you need help in getting rid of termites in your home or business, their pest control technicians will be on your property between 1 to 3 hours. They want to get there as soon as they can, provide their assistance, and then have you and your family or employees continue to be comfortable. Call Accurate Pest Control, Inc. today at (954) 584-8588 or visit their Plantation office, which is located on 300 South State Road 7, Plantation, FL 33317. Get rid of those termites once and for all with Accurate Pest Control, Inc.

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