What’s Lurking in Your Home? Get Plantation Termite Control Today!


There are things people do to protect their home like install security systems, lock their doors and windows or even buy a dog. A home is a huge investment so it makes sense that people would go out of their way to protect it. However, there may be things lurking in your walls, under the floor and burrowing into your foundation that are seriously compromising the structural integrity of your home. Termites are a big problem not just in Plantation, but across South Florida as well. Many people don’t know much about how a termite can damage a home and that ignorance can cost you dearly down the road if you don’t recognize and eradicate a termite problem right away. Accurate Pest Control is a leader in Plantation termite control and can help a homeowner protect what really matters and keep their home structurally sound.

There are actually several different species of terminate which need to be controlled lest they should feast on the inside of your home. For South Florida, Dampwood and Formosan termites are the most common. Dampwood termites, as their name would suggest, thrive in warm and humid environments so they can cause real issues for those who haven’t looked into termite control in Plantation. Dampwood termites can have wings and they’re equipped with large pincers perfect for chewing up your foundation. Moisture is usually a big factor so a Plantation termite treatment company can offer advice and guidance into preventing moisture to avoid future infestations.

Unlike Dampwood termites, the Formosan variety prefer to build their nests in soil while still consuming wood for nutrients. The scary thing about Formosan termites is that they reproduce at an alarming rate. The queen of a Formosan termite colony can produce hundreds of eggs per day and that can be bad news for someone attempting to control a termite colony by themselves. The males have wings and can form into giant swarms which buzz around a yard all day. Formosan termites are originally native to Southeast Asia and first entered the United States sometime in the mid-20th century so they can only be found in certain parts of the country.

When hundreds of bugs are attacking your home and property on a daily basis, calling Accurate Pest Control is a smart move. The experts have the experience, training and tools to help eradicate any Plantation pest control problem. Call today and find out how Accurate Pest Control can help you end a termite infestation once and for all!

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