5 Summertime Tips for Pest Management in Plantation


Summer is here, and with the summertime weather comes a new set of pest problems. Warmer weather and rainy afternoons can push many pests into your home. At Accurate Pest Control, Inc., we know there are many ways to improve your pest management in Plantation for the summer. If you’re ready to stay pest-free on the warmest summer days, it’s time to see how our pest control company in Plantation can help. We’ve put together some top tips for summertime pest control:

  1. Start at the lawn. Your lawn is often the first path many pests take towards your home, so the right lawn spraying in Plantation can help keep pests at bay. Our team at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. offers the very best lawn spraying services to keep lawns and homes pest free. We offer safe lawn spraying services that won’t harm pets or children, just pests.
  2. Check for gaps. Are your windows and doors properly sealed? Breaks or cracks in these seals can invite pests right into your home. After all, many pests can fit through shockingly small spaces and openings. Cockroaches, ants and even rats can take advantage of cracks around windows and doors. Our pest control company in Plantation suggests resealing windows and doors this summer.
  3. Get ready for rain. Everyone knows that the rainy season can turn Plantation into a water wonderland. When streets flood and the ground gets saturated, pests often seek drier spaces. All too often, this can mean they’re seeking out space such as your home and garage. We suggest staying prepared for rainy day pests with our regular pest spraying and barrier systems.
  4. Remove pest temptation. Pests love making their homes in discarded papers and boxes around your home. Make sure you’ve done your spring cleaning by tossing out unwanted papers and organizing those stacks of important papers in filing cabinets and drawers. Otherwise, you may be leaving the perfect pest temptation around your home.
  5. Store food properly. Take a peek into your pantry. Is all of your food in tightly sealed plastic, metal or glass containers? If not, you’re just begging for a pest problem! Our pest control company in Plantation suggests revamping your pantry to ensure you’re not unintentionally feeding pests. Make sure everything is tightly sealed.

These are just a few of the ways you can work to keep pests under control this summer. When you’re looking for the best guidance and services to step up your pest management in Plantation, it’s time to call on our team at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. Call (954) 584-8588 to get started.

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