FAQ’s of Termite Extermination in Plantation


Termites are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. These little pests can create catastrophic damage in your home. At Accurate Pest Control, Inc., we know homeowners have many different questions when it comes to fighting termites. How do you see signs of termites in your home? What are the best ways to fight termites? How about preventing termites? At Accurate Pest Control, Inc., we can answer any questions you may have regarding termite extermination in Planation.

How can I identify termites?

Identifying termites in your home is the first way to determine it’s time for termite extermination in Planation. How can you identify termites against other pests, such as flying ants? There are some big differences between the two that make it easy to differentiate between them. To tell the difference between termites and flying ants, look at specific areas such as:

  • The wings. On flying ants, the front and back wings will be two different lengths. On termites, these wings are the same length.
  • The antennae. With termites, the antennae are straight. On flying ants, the antennae are bent or jointed.
  • Body shape. Flying ants have body shapes that almost come into an hourglass at the middle. The flying ant has a distinct front and back. With termites, the width of the body is much more uniform, almost tube-like.

If you see termites in or around your home, it’s time to call on professionals for termite extermination in Plantation. The moment you see termites, you may already have a big problem at hand, so you need to call professionals to get things under control.

What are the best options for termite extermination in Plantation?

At Accurate Pest Control, Inc., we offer varying approaches to termite extermination in Plantation. Your termite treatments will depend on the severity of your termite infestation, along with the location of the termite colony.

Typically, termites become pervasive in your home. In this case, tenting is the best option for termite extermination in Plantation. Our professionals at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. can help you understand your best treatments. We offer customized treatments to help get rid of these pests.

Can termite treatment in Plantation help prevent an infestation?

There are certain steps that can be taken to help prevent termite problems from starting in the first place. At Accurate Pest Control, Inc., we offer proactive termite treatment in Plantation that can help keep termites out of your home. With subterranean solutions, we can help keep your home safe.

To learn more about the ways our team at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. can help with your termite control, treatment and extermination in Plantation, please call (954) 584-8588.

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