Halloween is Spooky Enough, Keep Scary Pests Away with Pest Control in Davie!


At Accurate Pest Control, Inc., we know that pests can be frightening in homes and businesses all around Davie. The scariest pests of all? Termites! These pests can put plenty of scary Halloween movie villains to shame. Termites can turn homes and businesses into dust, eating their walls from the inside out. Don’t let these scary pests invade your business, our professionals at Accurate Pest Control, Inc can help with the best pest control in Davie.  Termites Davie, FL

How can pest control services in Davie keep termites away?

Nobody wants termites in their home or business. Our team at Accurate Pest Control, Inc is here to help keep these pests out of the picture. There’s no need to let scary termites into your property. We have Termistop solutions to keep things pest free.

Our pest control in Davie may not start where you’d think. Our team at Accurate Pest Control, Inc starts beneath the soil to protect your home or business from termites. In fact, we suggest considering pest control before you even start with construction.

Can I fight pests before construction starts?

Termites are destructive pests that often enter homes and businesses through the soil. These pests climb up into properties through the foundation, then they continue eating or destroying the structure as they eat and digest wood such as:

  • Framing
  • Furniture
  • Heirlooms
  • Artwork
  • Flooring
  • Dry Goods
  • Mulch
  • & Much More

The damage caused by termites can be pervasive, so fighting them at the soil level is key. At Accurate Pest Control, Inc, we fight termites with pre-construction treatments such as Termistop blockouts and flanges.

These blockouts are mesh barriers installed beneath the soil, around the perimeter of your property. The blockouts work 24/7, 365 to keep termites from even getting into the soil of your property. With our Termistop termite solutions, there’s no need to worry about your pest solutions. We can protect your home from pests!

How can I get started?

Ready to keep scary pests such as termites out of your home? It starts by calling on our professionals at Accurate Pest Control, Inc! We’re here to help to keep pests away. Fighting termites starts by calling the professionals who know how to handle pest control in Davie. Give us a call today to schedule your termite elimination consultation. Call (954) 584-8588 to get started!

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