Green Solutions in Plantation Can Keep My Lawn in Order Without Many Chemicals

When you are trying to get rid of certain pests, your first instinct is probably reaching for the pesticides. Though these are helpful in keeping your home pest free, chemicals are not the best for you, your family, or the eco-system. At Accurate Pest Control, Inc., we have begun providing non-chemical and low impact treatments to eliminate the presence of pests in your yard and home.

One of our biggest improvements we have made includes the using Termistop block-outs and flanges. This mesh is used to prevent the intense damages of termites. By inserting a physical mesh barrier within the base and foundation of a structure, the termites will not be able to enter and cause their traditional problems. This is a great step forward in the way pests will be handled in the future. If you want to join the movement of taking part in green solutions in Plantation, you can participate in your own practices at home.

  • Use essential oil candles and lighting to keep large pests away from an outdoor yard activity. The lighting allows them to steer clear from your path.
  • Encourage certain insects in your yard to rid the more annoying pests. Animals and insects such as frogs, dragon flies, and praying mantises can keep flies and mosquitos away.
  • Using water and dish soaps in different ways can get rid of many indoor pests such as ants and fleas. These small yet annoying insects can wreak havoc if not treated. However, you can easily get rid of them with normal household products.

If you are interested in reducing the number of harmful chemicals you use in your home, contact Accurate Pest Control at (954) 584-8588 to learn more about different green solutions you can begin in your home.

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