3 Signs that You Need Termite Control in Weston

Are you unsure whether or not you have termites? It’s common to not be 100% sure, especially if you’re rarely at home. That’s why our team at Accurate Pest Control are here to share with you 3 signs you can look out for in your home that indicate you need termite control in Weston! 

#1 You hear clicking sounds 

Just like mold, you will be able to hear clicking sounds coming from your walls. These soft clicking sounds are the termites hitting their heads against the walls to warn the colony that there may be danger approaching. You might not be able to hear this right away so you may have to listen closely. If you hear clicking sounds it’s a sign that you have a severe termite problem that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.  

#2 You see discarded wings and flying termites 

While you may see flying termites and think, why is this even a sign? You may have thought it was a fly of some sort! Termites fly around your home to find a mate and to start a colony together which can mean an even bigger infestation in your home. Most of the time these flying termites travel at night or in the daytime dependent on their preference. Once a termite finds a mate and can begin to start a new colony, their wings get discarded. These discarded wings are what you may have spotted when you’re sweeping. It’s time to call our professionals before it becomes a bigger issue! 

#3 You see white ants 

Have you seen white ants in your home? Maybe you bought something to get rid of the ants and haven’t really seen much of them since. Don’t get fooled because many people think that termites are white ants when in fact they aren’t. Keep in mind that white ants are partially white and that termites are fully white. If you see them, give us a call asap.  

Stop feeling uneasy and give the pros a call! 

You shouldn’t sleep uneasy at night because you aren’t sure if you have termites or not. The best thing that can happen is that we come in for an inspection and reassure you that there are no termites in your home then you can sleep better. Or the worst thing is that we find termites but eliminate the problem and then you can sleep better. Either way, you will be sleeping better once you give our professionals a call at Accurate Pest Control today (954) 584-8588!  

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