Pest Control in Davie Can Keep Unwanted Guests out of Your Yard this Summer

Few things ruin a summer like ants at a barbeque, swarms of mosquitos at a family reunion, and beetles landing on guests. To keep summer activities fun, there are a few things you can do to keep the critters out. Of course, calling pest control in Davie can significantly help, but here are a few options in the meantime.

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The first step is to block off the home from any larger invaders. A simple fence around an area can give your house protection from raccoons, possums, and more. Additionally, rodents, have a way of getting into homes when doors, windows, or roofing holes are exposed. Therefore, it’s best to get an inspection to close up any of those open spaces.

Kitchens are another favorite place for pests, primarily ants, and cockroaches. To avoid any unwanted visitors, wipe the counters after every use, sweep the floors, and take out the trash on a regular basis before it gets out of hand. For the outdoors, mosquitos love standing water. Some places in Florida have ban standing water, as the Zika outbreak has made officials and residents wary of their presence. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitos. Places to check for mosquitoes include gutters, air conditioning units, and stagnant ponds or plant pots.

The best move for any homeowner to make is to call professional pest control in Davie. Accurate Pest Control has what it takes to make any homeowner’s summer safe and secure. With their green products and sprays, parents can rest assured that their children, pets, and the environment is free from harm. If you’re ready to prepare your home for success, call Accurate Pest Control today at 954-584-8588. It’s time to take your home back into your own hands. Remove the pests, keep the rest!

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