Pre-Construction Soil Treatments


What is pre-construction termite treatment?


  • Before a commercial or residential structure is built, a termite barrier is required to treat the soil prior to the pouring of concrete in the State of Florida. This treatment is a preventative measure taken to protect all new structures from Subterranean Termite infestations. This treatment is required by the Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control and is recommended to be re-treated every five years around the perimeter of existing structures.

Who needs this pre-construction termite treatment service?


  • All General Contractors, Shell Contractors and Concrete companies that are building new structures in the State of Florida.

  • All Architectural firms that create plans for the new building of structures throughout the State.

Why is this pre-construction termite treatment needed?


  • This treatment is a requirement for all new commercial and residential structures being built in the State of Florida for the prevention of Subterranean Termite infestations.

Who can complete this preventative termite treatment service?


  • Only a company that holds a Termite Category Commercial Pesticide Applicator license in the state where the termite treatment is to be performed and has a truck equipped with a 100-gallon or larger spray rig may provide this service. Experience is required to accommodate the tight time frames and multiple pours of concrete normally required of large commercial termite treatments.

What is involved in this pre-construction termite treatment service?


  • Preventive pre-construction termite treatment involves applying approximately 1/10th of a gallon of premixed material (residual termiticide formulation) per square foot of soil before the concrete is poured, using a large tank truck and power spray equipment.

  • Water is mixed with concentrated termiticide in a tank, and this formulation is sprayed onto the soil that will be covered with concrete slab and injected into the soil that abuts the foundation wall and footer.

When will this pre-construction termite treatment service be performed?


  • Before the concrete is poured during building construction, after the soil is graded to level and all the plumbing and structural fixtures are in place.

  • A minimum temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit for 6 hours and a wind speed below 10 MPH are required to properly mix and apply the termite treatment.

  • Often in larger jobs there will be several separate concrete pours and the termite treatment is done within 24 hours of each pour.

What are the pre-construction termite treatment options available to me?


  • The primary method is a residual liquid formulation applied to the soil, but a more expensive and equally effective option is baiting.

  • Both preventative treatment options achieve the same results.

What are the risks involved in this pre-construction termite treatment service?


  • Weather delays.

  • Drift from wind causing material translocation.

  • Over/under application of material.

  • Leaching of material through soil to non-target areas.

Where can you perform this commercial pre-construction termite treatment service?


  • We are fully licensed to operate in all counties of the State of Florida