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3 Tips for Termite Control in Davie

3 Tips for Termite Control in Davie

3 Tips for Termite Control in Davie

While we don’t recommend tackling a whole termite infestation, there are a few ways to prevent one from happening! Our team at Accurate Pest Control are here to share with you 3 tips for termite control in Davie 

#1 Eliminate moisture 

You may not be able to eliminate termites if there is an infestation but you can definitely do all you can to prevent an infestation. The first thing you can do is try and eliminate or reduce as much moisture inside and around your home. Termites use moisture to thrive and you can guess what happens when they thrive. You should check out your gutters and downspouts to make sure that the water that is being collected get through properly.  

#2 Eliminate their access 

The best way to prevent an infestation of termites is to do all you can to not invite them over and to deny them any possible access point. While this may sound impossible, it certainly isn’t, you can deny them any points of access by closing cracks or holes within the foundation of your home.  

#3 Call the pros 

When it comes to termites in Davie, you have to play it as safe as possible or they can take over your home. Doing all you can on your own is a good thing to prevent them from coming in but just to be safe you should call in the pros. Our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect your home, assess any damage if there is any, and create a service plan that best helps you! Don’t let a possible termite infestation cost you your house because you don’t want to play it safe. The average house can incur $7,900 in damage before termites are even detected! Let us come in and ease your worries so you can have a better night’s rest. Call us today 954-584-8588!