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Accurate Offers Green Pest Control in Davie, Fl

Accurate Offers Green Pest Control in Davie, Fl

Accurate Offers Green Pest Control in Davie, Fl


Nobody wants pests invading their home. But with the harsh summer heat and humidity in Davie, FL, it’s only a matter of time before ants, termites and roaches find their way into your home. Plenty of people want to hire a pest control company to keep their house free from these annoying invaders. But many are concerned about the chemicals produced from pesticides. The professionals at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. understand your concerns. That’s why we’ve developed green solutions, which are safe, low-impact services proven effective in keeping homes pest-free without harsh chemicals.

One of the best new green methods to rid and prevent termites from entering your property is through the use of Termistop brand products. Termistop Flanges and Blockouts are non-chemical solutions which create physical barriers to prevent termite entry. The stainless steel mesh blocks termites from your property by keying into the concrete. New green building codes are now utilizing Termistop products during construction.

Keeping your family and pets safe is always a high priority at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. But our commitment to the environment goes a step further. If you’re planning on moving into a new home or have purchased new property, Accurate Pest Control, Inc. can provide pre-construction soil treatments to ensure termites and other pest never enter your property. This gives homeowners greater piece of mind and you’ll never have worry about future damage done to your property.

Due to the nature of the pest control business in Davie, FL, chemicals and pesticides are sometimes required to provide the fastest and most effective extermination of pests. Accurate Pest Control, Inc. only uses the safest methods of fumigation and other chemical treatments to ensure everyone is safe. The only things in danger are the bugs, rodents and other pests both inside and outside your home. Each of our pest control professionals is highly-trained on the proper use of equipment and maintenance. If your home is undergoing fumigation and chemical treatment, our technicians will go over with each client on what preparations they should make to remain safe. Our job is to make sure your home receives the best pest control treatment without having to inconvenience your daily life.

Accurate Pest Control, Inc. is a family owned and operated company in Plantation, FL. We service clients in Davie, Weston and Plantation as well as throughout Broward County. Whether you need an inspection or your property has become infested with termites, ants, roaches, rodents or bird, our pest control technicians can make sure your home is properly protected and pest free. Call today at (954) 584-8588 and learn more about the green solutions offered at Accurate Pest Control, Inc.