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Are You in Desperate Need of Termite Extermination in Davie?

Are You in Desperate Need of Termite Extermination in Davie?

Are You in Desperate Need of Termite Extermination in Davie?

Termites can turn from a small project into an unruly infestation in no time. While you may have thought you could handle them at first, you may be thinking otherwise now! With that in mind, are you in desperate need of termite extermination in Davie? No need to stress out any longer because our team at Accurate Pest Control are here for the rescue! 

What happens if you ignore termites? 

Maybe you’re still on the fence of getting help and doing it yourself. That’s why we are here to share with you what can happen if you choose to continue to use store bought products to kill them. The first thing that will start to diminish is your foundation. If you have detected termites and have attacked with products, you may have missed a colony underground. This colony underground can damage your foundation and the structure of your home. So, when you think you are saving your pocket a few bucks, you are actually preparing your pocket for big expenditure when you have to dish out money for home repairs! The average house can incur $7,900 in damage and this is before termites are even detected! Not only will your home’s structure and foundation be vulnerable to damage but if you live in an older home, your windows, doors, and furniture can also be at risk. This will be another big cost to replace your windows, doors, and furniture! 

Are you ready to call the pros? 

After realizing that it’s much cheaper to call in the pros are you ready to give us a call? We won’t make you wait all day to come and solve the problem because we can be there within 1 to 3 hours. Incompetence will be the least of your worries working with us. We have only the best team around and they’re filled with highly trained technicians ready to eliminate your termite infestation! Don’t wait another day when you can call our dependable am at Accurate Pest Control today 954-584-8588!