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Autumn is Here and so are Pests in Plantation, FL

Autumn is Here and so are Pests in Plantation, FL

Autumn is Here and so are Pests in Plantation, FL


Summer may be technically over. But if you don’t have reliable pest control in Plantation, FL , your home is still vulnerable to invaders that can damage your property and spread illness. Just because the weather is a little cooler doesn’t mean rats, bed bugs, ants, roaches and termites are going away anytime soon. If anything, they can become an even greater inconvenience in the fall. That’s because they’re more likely to seek shelter in your home to stay warm and find food. For the best in pest control services in Plantation, more homeowners are choosing the professionals at Accurate Pest Control, Inc.

Rodents are particularly a nuisance during this time of the year. Rats and mice are warm-blooded animals which need shelter to live comfortable. Far too often, the shelter they seek could be your property. If rodents are allowed to nest and colonize in your home, they can spread disease and illness. They can even chew through wires and ultimately cause electrical fires. And when they invade your home, they also bring more unwanted guests, such as fleas mites, ticks and lice. The experts at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. provide the most innovative and effective rodent control in Plantation. Detecting rodents can be a challenge at first. But when you begin to signs of droppings and damage, it’s important to notify the pest control experts at Accurate immediately.

A growing problem in South Florida is the discovery of bed bugs. There was a time when these pests were rare in South Florida. Bed bugs are actually native to the Northeast part of the country. But when people go on vacation and stay at hotels, they bring back beg bugs back with them. Once they get inside your house, they can become extremely difficult to eradicate. Although they don’t spread disease, bed bugs can leave red and itchy marks and welts on their victims.

Ants and roaches are the most common pests found in South Florida homes. They can range from tiny sugar ants to large winged carpenter ants, which are often mistake for termites. Cockroaches have the potential to spread 33 different types of bacteria and can even trigger asthma attacks in children. They can be often found near pipes and drains.

To effectively remove all of these pests from your home, it’s highly recommended to rely on a professional. Baits and traps can only do so much. Instead of killing a few pests at a time, the professionals at Accurate Pest Control can remove every invading bug and rodent from your home. Their experts utilize environmentally safe green solutions in Plantation as well as the most effective methods of fumigation. To learn more call their pest control experts in Plantation today.