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Call Us for Termite Control in Weston

Call Us for Termite Control in Weston

3 Mar

Call Us for Termite Control in Weston

If your house has ever been infested with termites, you know how complicated it can be to get rid of them. In fact, termites cause over a billion dollars of damage in the United States every year! Accurate Pest Control is an expert in termite control in Weston. Because termites eat wood, they can weaken structures, ruin flooring and furniture, clothing, and cause multiple issues elsewhere inside and outside your home. It’s important to note that termites come out in the spring, and if they end up mating in your home, you could be at serious risk.

Call Accurate Pest Control for termite control in Weston

If you want to keep termites out of your house try these tips:

Check your attic often

One of the most common places to find termites is in the attic. These creatures make homes out of the wood beams. A great prevention trick would be checking for the damage often. You can do this by feeling the wood. If wood feels spongy or soft, you may be in need of a termite exterminator, or the team at Accurate Pest Control.

Limit cardboard boxes

Also found in the attic, boxes are a common way to store items. Instead of using cardboard boxes, use plastic containers to avoid unwanted invaders.

Protect wood furniture

Throughout your home, you may have wooden furniture, wood flooring, baseboard, tables, and more. Though many forget that termites like indoor, common areas as well, wood is wood. For the base, it’s important to lay down a termite barrier before laying your home’s concrete. If you missed that step, then be sure to have regular preventative inspections. As mentioned, you can see if you have termite damage by pressing your hand against wood in your home. If it is soft, you need to call a professional. As far as furniture goes, keeping it places away from the wall will ensure that you have termite free furniture.

Close windows and doors

We know fall and spring are among the best seasons here in South Florida, but we recommend keeping the windows and doors closed. When termites wander into your home, windows and doors are their most accessible points of entry.


These kitchen and bathroom storage areas can be a feeding ground for tiny critters. It’s important to check often for termite activity. It’s also vital to check for leaks, as these leaks are often an attractive location.

At Accurate Pest Control, we know that termites are frustrating and even scary. Don’t stress over termite invasions. If you need termite control in Weston, call us today at (954)-584-8588.