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Do Hurricanes and Floods Affect Termite Control in Weston?

Do Hurricanes and Floods Affect Termite Control in Weston?

4 Apr

Do Hurricanes and Floods Affect Termite Control in Weston?

South Florida is home to hurricanes and storms that pose potential risks. However, many Florida residents don’t think of termites as being one of them. Termites are one of Florida’s most well-known pests, but do the risks escalate during hurricane season? The answer is yes. In fact, homeowners and business owners may need fast acting termite control in Weston!

Why do I need termite control in Weston?

Termites become a more substantial risk during hurricane season because of the way they feed on the bark of trees. Millions of termites can inhabit one tree at one time. During large storms and hurricanes, trees are vulnerable to falling; yet a tree with a termite invasion will be the first to go. The infested trees may land somewhere near your home or business, even landing on top. Unfortunately, termites can migrate to any wooded area. If the tree is no longer usable, they may make their way to your attic or even into your soil.

Termites in a home or business can cause thousands of dollars of damage. They eat almost anything, burrowing their way through furniture, walls, table legs, attic space, and more. At Accurate Pest Control, we know how dangerous these pests can be, and we also know how unnoticed their inhabitance can go. Having a termite inspection is one of the first steps to repairing any termite damage that may have started after Hurricane Irma.

If your home or business does test positive for termites, fumigation will need to take place, ensuring that all of the visitors are permanently kept out. If your home is relatively new, the property may have had a soil treatment. Now, the Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Entomology requires the treatment. Further pest control is recommended to be re-done every five years to ensure permanent safety.

If you’re worried about your home or business property, please call Accurate Pest Control today. In business since 1984, there’s not a better company to take care of your termite control in Weston! Family owned and operated; we’ll stick with you throughout the entire process, making sure that your home is safe and secure once again. Call us today at (954) 584-8588!