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Do Pest Control Companies in Plantation Offer Green Solutions?

Do Pest Control Companies in Plantation Offer Green Solutions?

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7 Jul

Do Pest Control Companies in Plantation Offer Green Solutions?

Because Plantation is especially warm in the summer months in South Florida, small pests and rodents seem to always be about. You can’t blame them. They are looking for a way to cool off from the heat—just like we are. That means they’ll be looking for ways to gain entry into your home. And while we believe in live and let live, we don’t want insects living in our home alongside us! The truth is, pesky bugs can multiply on lawns, bushes and trees, so it’s important to have the outside of your home sprayed just as regularly as you do the inside—maybe every two months. Getting rid of pests once they are in your home can often lead to a larger problem, so why let them in in the first place? To get rid of insects like ants, roaches, bag worms, termites, etc. you’ll want to reach out to a leading eco-friendly pest control company in Plantation like Accurate Pest Control, especially if you are interested in helping to preserve the environment. We have eco-friendly green solutions that can not only help rid you of pests but can preserve the beauty of the lawn, trees, flowers and bushes in your landscape without the use of harsh chemicals.  

How Does Lawn Spraying Benefit My Home?  

Because the warm weather is year-round in Florida, pest control in Plantation seems to be a full-time job. All homes and businesses are susceptible to pests. But taking preventative measures today is the best way to keep your home or business from being invaded. At Accurate Pest Control, we offer the best pest control solutions to keep your home protected all year long.  And what’s more, we offer green solutions that are not harmful to you, your pets or the environment. While we have a wide range of services best explored by visiting our website, some of our expert services include:   

  • Fumigation  
  • Soil Treatments 
  • Termite elimination and control
  • Rodent elimination and control 
  • Lawn Spraying with green chemical solutions
  • And more!  

What makes Accurate Pest Control unique is that we use only green solutions to treat your lawn and home in Plantation which means that by not using harmful chemicals we are doing our part to preserve the environment. Inside, our eco-friendly green solutions are completely safe for you and your pets. Our goal is to eliminate pests permanently from your yard and your home without causing further harm to the environment. With less harmful chemicals and destructive pests, your landscape will be the envy of the community. Rest assured, that while every pest control situation is different, our licensed pest professionals are highly trained to identify problem areas and to treat them accordingly.  Call us today at (954) 584-8588 to speak with one of our pest control specialists. We are happy to do our part by offering green solutions to our customers in Plantation and throughout South Florida.