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Do You Need Rodent Control?

Do You Need Rodent Control?

Do You Need Rodent Control?


Rodents are an increasingly common problem that’s not just limited to big cities. There are many pests which can try to enter your home, and rodents are some of the most unsettling. Our experts at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. have the necessary knowledge and techniques which can help keep these unwanted visitors from claiming your home as their own.

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Rodents are incredibly clever pests which may go unnoticed if you don’t look for the signs of their presence. Here are the top 5 signs you may have a rodent infestation that requires expert help:

  1. Strange noises. Rats and mice are larger pests that can make big noises. Scratching noises within your roof, walls or lower deck can indicate the presence of different types of rats or mice. These noises typically increase at night as these pests are especially active in dark spaces.
  2. Marks and scratches along the walls. Many rats and mice don’t have the best eyesight, they typically run along walls and furniture for guidance if they find themselves out in the open. The marks on the walls are caused by the grease and dirt on their bodies.
  3. New smells. Mice, especially when in large numbers, can create a distinctive and truly unpleasant ammonia-like smell. Our rodent control in Weston can help rid your home of the smells and pests.
  4. Piles of shredded materials such as newspaper or fabrics. Both mice and rats often create nests from discarded materials in hidden spaces close to a food source. Our rodent control in Plantation can help you discover these nests and treat the problem.
  5. Burrows. Certain species of rats are known for their digging abilities, they often create complex borrow systems in spaces such as compost heaps, gardens and even garages. We can come to your home and identify any potential burrows.

Though these signs don’t guarantee that your home is experiencing a rodent infestation, they’re a safe indication that it’s time to seek professional assistance. Rodents aren’t cuddly creatures, they’re pests which can spread diseases and additional parasites throughout your home. These pests bring contamination and damage to the structures of your home in their wake.


If your home has any of the above symptoms, or if you’re simply curious about your home’s pest defense, give us a call today. Our professionals can treat existing rodent infestations and help prevent the problem from occurring again. Rodents can fit into spaces that may appear too small, which is why it’s important to have one of our professionals from Accurate Pest Control, Inc. help keep your home safe and pest free. Call today to learn about our pest control services!