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Does Your Pest Control Company have Green Solutions?

Does Your Pest Control Company have Green Solutions?

Does Your Pest Control Company have Green Solutions?


We’ve all heard the term “going green”. But what exactly does this mean? Most home and business owners in Weston realize the importance of protecting the environment to ensure the planet is safe for their generation and the future. But going green is much more than just recycling newspapers, bottles, cans and plastics. It’s a practice that encompasses every aspect of your lives. When it comes to pest control in Weston, one company has quickly taken the lead in protecting the environment while eliminating pests from your home. Accurate Pest Control Inc. utilizes a comprehensive program of Green Solutions to keep your home safe from destructive pets without harming your pets or family.

Pest Control Weston, FL

Over the years, the popular method of pest control in Weston has been about using chemicals to remove ants, termites, rodents other invaders from your home. But new techniques in pest management have created new and effective alternatives. Spraying around the house once a month may solve your pest problem temporarily. But true pest management in Weston is about eliminating pests permanently.

Termites are considered the most destructive pests found in Weston. No matter how clean you keep your property, termites are a threat to any home throughout South Florida. Contrary to popular belief, there are effective ways to keep your home protected without the use of smelly and poisonous sprays. Accurate Pest Control utilizes innovative termite control in Weston, through the use of its Termistop and Termimesh System. This system is designed to prevent a termite infestation before it ever starts. Termistop Flagnes and Blockout are a non-chemical solution designed to the prevent termites from entering your home. Stainless steel mesh can be placed around the most vulnerable areas of your property to prevent termites from ever entering your property.

In addition to Accurate’s innovative Green Solutions for termite control in Weston, our service professionals utilize the latest technology of non-chemical pest control. Our team utilizes cutting-edge products, such as baits, attic treatments or even apply liquid barrier around the perimeter of your home to keep your home pest-free.

Eliminating pests from your home should never come at the expense of your family’s safety or harming the environment. You shouldn’t have to overpay to receive the best quality of the pest control in Weston. Check out our website frequently for the latest specials and coupons on pest control. Protect your home and the environment. Contact the professionals at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. today.