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Eliminate Carpenter Ants from Your Home with Pest Control in Weston

Eliminate Carpenter Ants from Your Home with Pest Control in Weston

Eliminate Carpenter Ants from Your Home with Pest Control in Weston

They’re not termites. But they can be just as destructive. Carpenter ants are one of the most common pests found in South Florida homes and they’re easy to overlook. But during the winter months or the rainy season, they’re often prone to moving their colonies into homes. And if you’re not careful, their next choice for shelter could be your property. If you’ve discovered these ants in your home, it’s time to find a professional pest control service in Weston immediately.

Some homes in Weston are more vulnerable to a carpenter ant infestation than others. In many cases, they often live in older and hollow trees. If you have a tree in your yard and don’t properly trim the branches, you may suddenly find some new uninvited guests. Fortunately, the experts at Accurate Pest Control Inc. have developed comprehensive and safe methods of pest control in Weston to keep home pest free all year long. When carpenter ants have invaded a property, many homeowners initially confuse them with termites. It’s easy to be confused because they both can appear with long narrow bodies and wings. The best way to make the distinction is to carefully examine their body’s structure. Carpenter ants have segmented bodies while termites have one solid body. Although termites have more of a reputation for causing serious structural damage, carpenter ants can also do the same.

If you’ve discovered a carpenter ant infestation in your home, it’s important to notify a pest control company in Weston with a proven track record for getting results. What separates Accurate Pest Control Inc. from the competition is their experience, reliability and affordability. As a local company, our pest control technicians understand the unique challenges of keeping homes safe. Our experts understand the habitat of native pests which typically invade homes in Weston.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is trying to eliminate carpenter ants by spraying them. Instead, they end up making the situation worse. By spraying a few ants, the colony will eventually begin to spread and move around your home. That’s why it’s best to leave pest control to the experts. Accurate’s service technicians are able to isolate the colony and use the latest techniques of pest control in Weston to eliminate carpenter ants.

There is a difference between good pest control in Weston and shoddy pest control. When performed correctly, good pest control isn’t just designed to rid your home of pests. It’s also designed to eliminate them permanently. Keep your home, family and pets safe all year long. Call the professionals at Accurate Pest Control Inc. today.