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Eliminate Rodents With an Exceptional Pest Control Service

Eliminate Rodents With an Exceptional Pest Control Service

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1 Jan

Eliminate Rodents With an Exceptional Pest Control Service

In sunny Plantation and throughout South Florida, insects, bugs, rodents, and other pests can be a real problem to manage in your home because warm weather attracts them. You take pride in keeping your home clean, so rodents and pests are the last things you think you’ll need to deal with. But at Accurate Pest Control, Inc., we know that every home needs to consider its options for all kinds of pest control in South Florida, especially rodent control. If you don’t find a way to keep pesky pests at bay, you may be attracting more significant problems that can be harder to control over time.

How Can I Be Sure I Have a Rodent Problem?

If you hear scurrying or scratching sounds in your home at night, then you may have a rodent problem. Of course, there are other telltale signs of rodents that aren’t quite so obvious such as:

  1. Rodent droppings. These droppings are small and can be hard to spot in smaller spaces of your home, but they can be a telltale sign of rodent activity.
  2. Shredded paper. If you find shredded paper or fabric in your attic or garage, you’ve just found a rodent nest.
  3. Strong smells. This may be hard to detect if you have a cat or dog, but smells that don’t seem familiar may indicate a rodent is present.
  4. Missing food or paper products. Signs of missing food or paper products (to use for nests) are also signs of a rodent.

If you see signs of a rodent, it can be alarming. But one call to the expert extermination technicians at Accurate Pest Control and we will have your rodent situation in Plantation under control. We can help treat a rodent problem with traps and other techniques to keep these pests from entering your home again. Even if you don’t see direct signs of rodents, it’s important to stay proactive, especially if you live in a warm climate like South Florida.

Rodent and pest management in Plantation begins with a proactive attitude. It’s essential to work at eliminating sources of food and water that rodents often thrive upon. Scan your home for things that might attract them such as:

  1. Water from leaky pipes or faucets
  2. Exposed garbage containers
  3. Pet food or water left out at night
  4. Food that’s in unsealed containers
  5. Loose crumbled paper
  6. Old clothes in garbage bags

Fixing or removing the above items can help keep rodents at bay. The team at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. also suggests covering points that rodents often use to enter your home. Make sure that your crawl spaces are adequately vented, and that your foundation is free of cracks. We also suggest patching any holes in your ceiling, attic, roof, and appliance pipe entry points. A mouse can fit itself into a hole the size of a dime. To learn the best rodent and pest management tips and techniques in Plantation, do yourself a favor and call the Accurate Pest Control, Inc. team today at (954) 584-8588.