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Eliminate Sugar Ants with Effective Pest Control Management in Plantation, FL

Eliminate Sugar Ants with Effective Pest Control Management in Plantation, FL

Eliminate Sugar Ants with Effective Pest Control Management in Plantation, FL


Everyone loves a delicious dessert after their meal. But if your home isn’t properly protected with effective pest control in Plantation, FL, there’s a good chance you have some unwanted guests who also have a sweet tooth. These pests are known as sugar ants. They’re not only one of the smallest pests in your home, they can also be among the most annoying and difficult to eradicate on your own. If you’ve lived in South Florida for a long time, you’ve sooner or later have encountered these tiny ants. Once they begin colonizing in your home, it can almost seem like they’re everywhere.

Sugar ants are one of the most common forms of ants found in the United States. They can range in size from 5 to 15 millimeters. But it’s usually the smaller version which seems to be the most common types found in South Florida. Their bodies are brownish-orange in color. One of the myths about sugar ants is they only like to eat sweet food. They’re actually omnivores and like to collect nectar and other liquid secretions from plants and honeydew from aphids. If you have house plants or other vegetation in your home, there’s a good chance they will attract these types of bugs. They’ll also feed on dead animals or insects.

What makes sugar ants particularly annoying is they will rummage through just about any place in your home in search of food. That means you may even feel them crawling on your skin. Most do little harm. However, their bites can be noticeable but are relatively painless. In many cases, their bites can cause an itching sensation, similar to a smaller version of a mosquito bite.

Many homeowners try ant baits, traps and poisons. While this might reduce the problem, inevitably these ants will return without proper pest management in Plantation, FL. Sugar ants may be small. But they are hardly a small problem. The experts at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. can locate the source of where sugar ants hide and colonize. Once their location has been determined, they colony can be isolated and destroyed by killing the queen and all her workers. This ensures these pesky ants never return.

Sugar ants aren’t quite as menacing as termites or rodents. But they can be a huge inconvenience to your family. Accurate Pest Control Inc. provides the most effective pest management in Plantation, FL. They utilize the latest techniques of green solutions to provide safe termite control and rodent control in Plantation, FL. But they can do so much more. Through the use of soil treatments and fumigation, your home is permanently protected from any pests which dare to invade your home. To learn more, call their pest management experts in Plantation today at (954) 584-8588.