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Find the Best Rodent Control in Plantation, FL

Find the Best Rodent Control in Plantation, FL

Find the Best Rodent Control in Plantation, FL


Plantation, FL is a great place to raise a family. With great weather, schools along with clean and safe neighborhoods, it’s one of the best places in South Florida to live. Unfortunately, people aren’t the only ones who love living in Plantation. Without proper pest control, chances are your property is also home to a variety of pests lurking inside your walls, nesting in your attic or crawling on your floors. Most people think of termites as the most destructive pests in South Florida. But if you’ve ever had a rat infestation, you understand the nightmare rodents can bring to your life.

All pests are can pose a variety of threats to your home. They can cause physical damage to your property or they can spread illness and disease. Rats are particularly troublesome because not only do they multiply and breed quickly, they’re also far more intelligent than your typical pest. Rats and mice are mammals, which typically have greater intelligence and unique instincts for survival. You may catch a few with traps. But if rodents are allowed to nest and colonize in your garage or attic, you’re dealing with a potentially dangerous situation.

Rats and mice are always looking for food. The best way to keep rodents from ever invading your home is to keep your house clean. Make sure all garbage is tightly secured and removed frequently.  Removing or securing any kind of food source is the key. The longer you wait to do something about a rodent problem, the worse an infestation can become.  A pair of mice can produce nearly 200 offspring in four months. Do the math and years of ignoring the program can turn into a disaster.

The best course of action is to call the professionals at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. Rodent control in Plantation requires a completely different type of strategy than dealing with termites, ants or other pests. After finishing a complete inspection, Accurate Pest Control technicians can create a plan to isolate rodents, kill them quickly and make sure they never return again. It’s why more homeowners in Plantation are choosing Accurate Pest Control for their rodent control needs.

For nearly 30 years, Accurate Pest Control Inc. has been Plantation’s source for quality and reliable rodent control. Through the use of green solutions and safe fumigation, the experts at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. are about providing the best in pest control while keep its commitment to providing environmentally safe products. If you’ve discovered rodents or droppings in your home, call Accurate Pest Control Inc. today at (954) 584-8588.