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Get Rid of Rodents For Good with Expert Pest Control in Plantation!

Get Rid of Rodents For Good with Expert Pest Control in Plantation!

Pest Control Plantation, FL
8 Aug

Get Rid of Rodents For Good with Expert Pest Control in Plantation!

Did you know that some rodents hibernate during the winter months (which in Florida is usually Jan. – March), and come out again in the summer months? So, if you see a mouse or squirrel coming from your yard this summer, it could mean that there are places in your yard that may be perfect for their hibernation purposes. They could be under a porch, in a shed, or even in your garden. Now hopefully, your home doesn’t have any of these issues, but if you do, it’s best to call on an expert pest control team like Accurate Pest Control, Inc. to handle any infestation. If the mere thought of mice, rats, vermin, pests, rodents, whatever you call them—make you squirm in disgust and fear—you’ll want them out of your garden and home without delay!

“Can I get rid of a rodent on my own?”

Accurate Pest Control is an excellent source of information on this topic. Because we know that there truly is a way to control the rodent outbreak in your home and get rid of them for good, it stands to reason that if you see mice or rats in your home, garden or garage, you may not know how to get rid of them. Even if you can do something on your own to eliminate them like traps or sprays, how sure are you that it’s working? Store-bought traps and chemical sprays are something that most people try, but they won’t get rid of your problem for good, but only serve to put a temporary bandaid on it. That’s why you need to call on a professional exterminator to attack your rodent problem with results that last. At Accurate Pest Control, we offer the best pest control services in Plantation, and rodent control is just one of our specialties.

“How can I get rid of rodents for good?”

The team at Accurate Pest Control has decades of experience in handling pest control problems. And want to make sure that as a homeowner, you have the correct information going forward. You may think that once an infestation is gone, your rodent problem is over. But at Accurate Pest Control, our expert technicians know that pest control is something that you have to tackle a few times per year. No, you don’t need to spray your home for pests and rodents every day or even every month, but you need to take some steps to keep the threat of another infestation at bay. To keep rodents out, we recommend sealing all entry points throughout your home with mesh covers that contain the smallest gaps possible. Think about your garage and your attic; these are weak spots where little mice can sneak inside undetected. You want to make sure there are no gaps in these areas to create a natural entry point for these pesky pests. Rodents enjoy making nests and homes in discarded papers, boxes, and other similar goods. Don’t let these elements clutter up your home, or you may unknowingly invite them inside. You can also keep rodents at bay by minimizing and eliminating food waste throughout your home. Take the garbage out regularly and make sure you wipe your counter free of crumbs more frequently.  

When in doubt, call in an expert!

Throw out those cans of raid and mouse traps. The technicians at Accurate Pest Control are here to help rid your home of all unwanted rodents and pests alike. Roaches, rats, ants, spiders, mice, termites, and other pests can cause considerable destruction to your property, so you don’t want an infestation to get out of hand. So, what can you do? The experienced team at Accurate Pest Control can develop a personalized plan for all your rodent and pest control needs in Plantation. We start with options like lawn spraying, traps, and interior spraying. If your home is affected by a full-blown infestation, then we may also suggest fumigation. All of our products are safe for the environment and won’t harm your family or your pets.

We are here when you need us!

Accurate Pest Control has been a trusted source for rodent and pest control in the Plantation community and throughout South Florida for over three decades. One call to the expert team at Accurate Pest Control, and we will have our technician out to your house within the hour. If you’re looking to get your rodent problem under control, look no further than the best team of technicians for the Accurate Pest Control team. Call us today at (954) 945-9154.