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Green Pest Management in Plantation Has Never Been So Affordable

Green Pest Management in Plantation Has Never Been So Affordable

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1 Jan

Green Pest Management in Plantation Has Never Been So Affordable

The summer days in South Florida are here to stay, and unfortunately, the bugs are too. So, what is a homeowner to do when the bugs start invading your space? You can hire the best pest management team in Plantation to help you with your bug problems. Unfortunately, with the hot, humid summer days in South Florida, the likelihood of pests wanting to find relief and shelter in your home is a given. It’s essential to find a pest control company that you can trust, and that is well-respected in the community. At Accurate Pest Control, Inc., we know a thing or two about treating your lawn and your home. We use environmentally safe products that are perfectly safe for you and your pets. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are making sure to follow all CDC guidelines, only entering your home wearing masks and gloves. Living in paradise nearly 365 days a year certainly has its advantages. But there is a small price to pay for living in South Florida. In contrast to all that beauty comes dampness and humidity that attract some very unwanted guests, especially in the extremely humid summer months. We are talking about ants of all kinds, spiders, mosquitos, bees, wasps, and not to mention rodents like mice, rats, and raccoons. Luckily,  there are some things that you can do to keep these unwanted pests at bay not only in the summer but all year round. At Accurate Pest Control, Inc., we use only environmentally safe products to keep infestations at bay. 

We use only products that are safe for the environment.

Pest control companies still use toxic chemicals as their regular treatment. But not the team at Accurate Pest Control. Some pest control companies offer less expensive services, are perhaps using a mixture of chemicals that are unsafe for you and your family members to breathe in. At Accurate Pest Control, all our products are safe for the environment. What’s more, our pest management in Plantation includes termites with the most affordable products that are the least hazardous to you, your pets, and your property. New methods are always being developed, and we pride ourselves on keeping up with all of the latest trends in products. This is so we can offer you the best green products for all your pest control needs. Unsafe pesticides and chemicals can cause a range of health problems, making you, your precious family and pets vulnerable to dangerous toxins. Although toxins in pest control products are used to harm only the targeted pest, sometimes humans and pets can be exposed to these harmful chemicals, which can adversely affect your health.

 How can pesticides and chemicals affect us:

  •           Headache and dizziness
  •           Skin irritations/rashes
  •           Endocrine system damage
  •           Allergic reactions
  •           stinging eyes

We make a health and safety commitment to our customers

At Accurate Pest Control, we take our safety commitment to your health and the environment very seriously. We have many different programs to choose from that are all affordable, fast, effective, and safe. Our pest control technician will visit your home and assess your pest control needs. We will come up with a long term plan that takes your home and everyone into consideration.  We advise that you don’t attempt to handle a pest infestation on your own. It’s best left to the pest management experts in Plantation at Accurate Pest Control. At Accurate Pest Control, Inc., we have had the pleasure of serving many satisfied customers over the years, and some we even consider family. With over three decades of experience in this pest control industry, we know precisely how to treat your home and property with very little disturbance to your household. Rest assured that you, your family, and your pet’s safety are our number one priority. As a result of our hot and humid South Florida summers, those pesky pests will be out in force, looking to use your home as a restaurant and playground. Don’t let it get that far. Call us today at (954) 945-9154 to get your free pest control assessment. Let’s stop those pests in their tracks before they enter your home. We look forward to helping you!