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Green Pest Solutions from Leading Eco-Friendly Pest Control Company in Plantation

Green Pest Solutions from Leading Eco-Friendly Pest Control Company in Plantation

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6 Jun

Green Pest Solutions from Leading Eco-Friendly Pest Control Company in Plantation

Summer is here in South Florida, and everyone is outside, ready to bask in the warm sunshine.  Unfortunately, warm weather and humid conditions bring insects and pests out in droves. Like us, these annoying creepy crawlers are looking for a way to cool off from the heat. That means they’ll seek out small holes or cracks in your foundation to gain entry into your home. The truth is, pesky bugs can multiply on lawns, bushes, and trees, so it’s essential to make sure to spray the outside of your home just as regularly as you do the inside—maybe every two or three months. Getting rid of pests once they are in your home can often lead to a more significant problem, so why let them in in the first place? To rid yourself of an insect problem, you’ll want to reach out to the most experienced pest control company in Plantation that uses green solutions.  Accurate Pest Control’s skilled technicians use only green pest solutions to get rid of pests yet preserve the beauty of your plants and flower beds. This is all done without the use of harsh chemical solutions like some other pest control companies tend to use.

How can I do my part to help eliminate pests?

One of the first things you should do when you see pests of any kind is to call Accurate Pest Control so that we can check and treat your home’s interior, garage and exterior to keep the unwanted pest at bay. But there are some common sense things you can do on your own to prevent pest infiltration:

  • Keep your home clean—pest love to get into messes!
  • Keep windows and doors secure—Don’t give pests a reason to enter your home.
  • Declutter – Pests love to get into garbage and nest in papers. It’s the perfect place for them to hide and breed.  Do yourself a favor and clean that garage or attic out!
  • Clean standing water. Pests are attracted to water. Don’t leave standing water or leaky hoses out because this will surely attract unwanted visitors.
  • Keep trees and hedges trimmed. Insects, termites, and rodents can easily travel from palm trees into attics.  Keeping them trimmed back from your home will avoid this problem and will keep your home looking neater.

Why are we considered unique in the pest control industry?

Accurate Pest Control uses only green solutions to treat your lawn and home in Plantation, which means that by not using harmful chemicals, we are doing our part to preserve the environment. Inside, our green solutions are completely safe for you and your pets. Our goal is to permanently eliminate pests from your yard and your home without further harming the environment. With less harmful chemicals and destructive pests, your landscape will be the envy of the community. Rest assured, while every pest control situation is different, our licensed pest professionals can identify problem areas and efficiently treat them, so you get results fast.  

Be proactive and see results sooner than later.

Instead of waiting until an infestation has occurred, being safe and treating pests by spraying your lawn with green pest solutions in Plantation before entering your home is the best option. The hot and humid weather in Plantation may cause pests and insects to multiply and wreak even more havoc in your home or garden! Don’t let your home or business fall victim to pests and take control. We know the best ways to treat each insect or rodent. If you have noticed your lawn is looking unhealthy lately, call one of our professionals. We will be happy to take a look at your yard and discuss your next steps in ridding you of pests forever.  

How do we get in touch?

Why disrupt your family’s lives.  Allowing an infestation can only cause significant discomfort in your home or business. Did you know that many of South Florida’s most aggressive pests live right in your yard? The best course of action is to call Accurate Pest Control, Inc., now for immediate results. Our experienced technicians use green solutions in Plantation to protect you and your pets at the same time. Give Accurate Pest Control a  call today at (954)  945-9154 to find out how we can help!