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Here Are 6 Signs That It May Be Time for Termite Treatment.

Here Are 6 Signs That It May Be Time for Termite Treatment.

Termite Treatment Plantation
11 Nov

Here Are 6 Signs That It May Be Time for Termite Treatment.

In South Florida, insects, rodents, and termites are a constant source of worry because they generally thrive in hot, humid weather. But you don’t want to give them any excuse to take up residency in your home. Suppose you suspect that you have a pest, rodent, or termite problem, knowing which expert to call is half the battle. You want to find the best and safest company for your family, and the team at Accurate Pest Control will never disappoint. We are here to help keep your home pest and termite free. Plantation’s warm, humid conditions increase the likelihood of pests wanting to find some relief and shelter in your home. If you suspect you have a termite problem, Accurate Pest Control offers tentless termite treatment options that are safe for your family and the environment.

Six signs you might have a termite problem:

  1. Damage to Wood Floors – Your wood floor may appear blistered like it has been damaged by water. These areas or blisters can indicate termites feeding on your wood below. Subterranean termites can damage the subfloor, making your wood flooring appear as if it has water damage.
  2. Hollowed Wood – Termites can cause wood damage below the floor and behind your walls. These termites chew through the wall’s cellulose, weakening them and leaving grooves that eventually cause structural damage. The walls take on a hollowed honeycomb appearance.
  3. Flying Termites –  When you see termites flying, they are looking to mate and find a new place to nest. Chances are a swarm that has already invaded your home’s structure and are chowing down on your structural wood now.
  4. Termite Wings in Near Windows, Doors & Openings – The termite’s wings snap off when they land; this usually occurs because they have found a new colony and won’t be needing them anymore.
  5. Clay-Like Mounds of Dirt -. Subterranean termites thrive in hot, humid weather. They create clay-like mounds of tubes or tunnels that allow them to thrive when entering your home.
  6. Droppings – Drywood termites nest in wood and they will leave clear indications that they are living there. They create little piles of pellet-shaped droppings directly underneath their exit holes. These mounds of pellets, resembling coffee grounds, may indicate that you have drywood termites.

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It’s essential to find a pest and termite control service in Plantation that you can trust and is well-respected in the community. You can be sure that our team is the best in the business and that we can help you. Our services are also available for commercial, residential, and industrial properties. We have more than three decades of experience to offer our customers and this makes a go-to choice for residents in Plantation, FL. Rest assured that you, your family, and your pet’s safety are our number one priority when treating your home for termites and other pests. Whatever your pest control or termite treatment needs may be, one call to the expert team at Accurate Pest Control is a step in the right direction. Accurate Pest Control has been a trusted source for pest and termite treatments in the Plantation community and throughout South Florida for over three decades. One call to the expert team at Accurate Pest Control, and we will have our technician out to your house as soon as possible. 

If you’re looking to get your pest, rodent, or termite problem under control, look no further than the most trusted and dependable team of technicians at Accurate Pest Control. Call us at (954) 584-8588 for a free estimate and an immediate resolution to your pest and termite control problem in Plantation today.