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Here Are A Few Pest Control Tips From the Experts At Accurate Pest Control

Here Are A Few Pest Control Tips From the Experts At Accurate Pest Control

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7 Jul

Here Are A Few Pest Control Tips From the Experts At Accurate Pest Control

Living in Florida is a luxury, as there is beautiful weather all year round, and people are very receptive to sitting outside, leaving their windows open, and enjoying the sunsets the state has to offer. Yet, with such beautiful weather comes some of the most devastating and frustrating pests the United States has to offer. If you’re new to the state, you’ve probably heard stories of just how damaging these insects can be. At Accurate Pest Control, Inc., we’ve helped hundreds of South Florida homeowners with their home pest control in Plantation. Not only do we help our clients prepare their home for safety, but we also aid them in ensuring that pests don’t come back. If you’re wondering about ways to initiate home pest control, here are a few of the beginner’s tips to follow. Keep reading to learn more! 


Step One: Hire Home Pest Control in Plantation 

If there are a few things that very important about owning a home, it’s ensuring that you always keep your spaces up to date. There are many ways in which you do this, to allow for optimal safety. First, you might hire a roofer to ensure that your roof is secure. Then, you may hire a maid to ensure that your home is always clean. Another service that you might want to consider hiring is a pest control service, as they’ll ensure that your home is always free of unwanted pests. 


Step Two: Kitchen Safety

When you work often in the kitchen, you’ll undoubtedly leave behind small crumbs. While these crumbs might not be easy to spot with the human eye, ants, rodents, and roaches can spot them and sense them easily. Making sure to clean the kitchen thoroughly after use will help to keep these unwanted critters from invading your home. It’s also very important that any pantry foods are stored in secure ways, preferably through heavy-duty Tupperware. Rodents can chew through cardboard without an issue, making your stored food an easy meal. 


Step Three: Spray the Yard 

There are a few maintenance needs that every house must keep up on, and pest control is no exception. In fact, pest control is incredibly important to ensure that small insects such as roaches and termites don’t make a home out of the foundation of your house. It’s not always easy to remember that your yard needs sprayed a few times a year, or even once a month. If you hire a pest control company, you can have an inspector tell you what kinds of insects are a threat, and how best they can treat the situation. Many companies will also use green sprays that are better for your health, pet health, and the overall benefit of the environment. 


Step Four: Watch for Water Sources 

Last, but not least, you’ll want to look for rodent activity where there are water sources. This includes roofs, sinks, bathrooms, and kitchens. Often times, rodents will only house themselves where they know they can find an easy source of water. This makes a person’s home the ideal location! It’s also very important to have a roofing contractor assess the roof for any entry holes, as rodents tend to make their way into homes through the ceiling. 


If you’re looking for someone to help you with your home pest control in Plantation, you’re in the right place. At Accurate Pest Control, Inc., we pride ourselves on being one of the top pest control companies in the city. We know that pest control can be a touchy subject for many, as multiple Floridians have had challenging experiences with pest control companies that simply haven’t delivered. Whether you’ve been trying to get rodents out of your home for years, or you’ve recently discovered a new pest invasion, you’ll need a professional team by your side. Accurate Pest Control, Inc. has years of experience and a plethora of advice on how best to get rid of the pests you despise. Contact our team today at 954-945-9154. We can’t wait to help you protect your home, and we can’t wait to help you thrive!