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How Can I Improve my Rodent Control in Weston?

How Can I Improve my Rodent Control in Weston?

How Can I Improve my Rodent Control in Weston?


Weston may bring increased proximity to the Everglades, but the pests faced by homeowners in Weston aren’t just tropical annoyances. Rodents such as mice and rats are big problems in Weston, and the colder temperatures we’ve experienced at the beginning of this month have pushed these pests indoors. If you’ve noticed scurrying sounds in your walls, small scratching noises around your home or strange odors in your home, it’s time to step up your rodent control in Weston. Rodents are incredibly clever and they’ll stop at nothing to find warmth in your home, so it’s time to see how our team at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. can help with rodent and pest control in Weston.

.Rodent Control in Weston

At Accurate Pest Control, Inc., we can treat rodent infestations quickly and affordably. After all, nobody wants to deal with cleaning up the messes and destruction that many rodents leave behind. We can use chemical and non-chemical solutions to push pests such as rats and mice from your home. January’s colder days have pushed warm-blooded rodents indoors as they seek warmth from the cold. But, you don’t want these pest scurrying in your walls, bringing the risk of fleas and other diseases into your home.

If you suspect a rodent infestation, it’s time to call our pest control experts at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. We’ll find the source of your pest problems, and then we’ll work to turn things around and push rodents out of the picture. Getting rid of rats and mice requires an expert understanding of their techniques and lifestyles, and at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. we have that understanding. With our pest control in Weston, you can keep rodents, roaches and other pests out of your home.

While our rodent control in Weston can treat an infestation once it’s started, it’s also important to work preventatively to keep rodents out of your home in the first place. Our team at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. can help you safeguard your property from pesky rodents. We recommend ensuring that all openings, such as vents in the garage, are well sealed with mesh or wire closures. We also recommend checking that all doors and windows close fully, and that they’re tightly sealed when closed. For added protection, keep loose papers and boxes out of your home, as these often attract nesting rodents.

These are just some of our tips for effective pest and rodent control in Weston. If you’re serious about protecting your home from rats and mice, it’s time to learn how our experts at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. can help. We can help treat existing rodent problems, along with developing personalized plans to keep these pests at bay. You can schedule your home pest inspection by calling (954) 584-8588.