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How Do I Know if I Need Rodent Control in Weston?

How Do I Know if I Need Rodent Control in Weston?

How Do I Know if I Need Rodent Control in Weston?


When it comes to keeping your home in great shape, rodents and pests are probably at the very back of your mind. But at Accurate Pest Control, Inc., we know that every home needs to consider its options for rodent control in Weston. In fact, rodents aren’t the only pests that you should be worried about in your home. If you’re not caring for your home’s pest control in Weston, you’re leaving your home at risk for a major pest problem. There are some big signs that it’s time to step up your pest and rodent control activities.

If you hear scurrying sounds around your home when things are quiet, you more than likely have a rodent problem. Of course, many other signs of rodent problems aren’t quite so obvious. Rodent droppings can be hard to spot in smaller spaces of your home, but these droppings are a telltale sign of rodent problems. If you find shredded paper or fabric in your home, such as in your attic or garage, you’ve just found a rodent nest. Strong urine smells and signs of missing food or paper products are also signs of a rodent problem.

If you’re seeing signs of rodents, it’s time to call on our team at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. for the best rodent control in Weston. We can help treat a rodent problem with traps and other techniques to keep these pests from entering your home again. Even if you don’t see direct signs of a rodent problem, it’s important to stay proactive in your rodent control in Weston.

There are many different ways you can protect your home from rodents, and there are several steps you can take to protect your home with rodent control in Weston. It’s important to work at eliminating sources of food and water that rodents often thrive upon. Scan your home for rodent fodder such as:

  • Leaky pipes or faucets
  • Exposed garbage containers
  • Pet food or water left out each night
  • Food that’s in unsealed containers
  • Stacks of loose paper
  • Excess fabric piles

We suggest removing or covering these sources of rodent food and water. This can help keep rodents at bay. Our team at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. also suggests covering points that rodents often use to enter your home. Make sure that your crawl spaces are properly vented, and that your foundation is free of cracks. We also suggest patching any holes in your ceiling, attic, roof and appliance pipe entry points. To learn more tips for the best rodent control in Weston, please call our Accurate Pest Control, Inc. team at (954) 584-8588.