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How to Keep Pests Down to a Minimum?

How to Keep Pests Down to a Minimum?

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2 Feb

How to Keep Pests Down to a Minimum?

Spring has officially sprung in South Florida and it is safe to say that the weather is starting to heat up down in Davie, Weston, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, and Plantation. Along with this weather change comes a slight change in pest control. Not only do South Floridians love the recent shift in warm weather, but the pests love it too. However, while we have homes to retreat to when we overheat, the pests do not and thus try and find ways to move into our homes. This can be extremely problematic for homeowners as pests are usually considered an unwelcome guest. These types of unwelcome guests range from insects like spiders, ants, cockroaches, and termites to rodents such as mice, rats, and even raccoons. The thought of any of the above creatures making their way into your home can be frightening; however, with the right prevention and pest control company on speed dial, these pests will know to stay far away from your inside your home. At Accurate Pest Control, Inc. we have all the need to know tips and tricks for not falling victim to the pests. This is your guide on how to keep pests down to a minimum.

How to Keep the Pests Away:

Seal All Gaps
Make sure that all roof, garage, attic, door, and window gaps are completely sealed. Rodents and bugs can slip into the tiniest of gaps and will take advantage of any gap they can locate on your property. Be sure to double-check the areas of the house that have electrical wires and piping coming in, these are the spots that those small, hard to see gaps usually appear. Any gaps you see, big or small, can either be caulked close or foamed over with expanding fo

Ants are typically one of the easier types of pests to keep away from your property, but they also can be one of the most persistent. We all have been in the pam.

Trim Plants and Treesosition where we notice the ants and set ant traps, get rid of them, only to see them eventually come back in full force. This can be prevented by making sure all palm trees and shrubs close to the house are properly maintained. Tall palm trees that are not regularly trimmed can be used as the perfect bridge for ants attempting to enter your home. Even worse than ants, termites are typically known to travel from these trees directly into the attic.

Keep Your Home Tidy and Clean
One of the easiest ways to do some pest control by yourself is to keep your home clean and tidy. Bugs and rodents are more attracted and keener to get into homes that are on the messy side. Other cleanliness tips that we recommend are washing your fruits and vegetables to prevent fruit flies. You can also prevent pests by throwing out all uneaten pet food, pests will sniff this out and find it as a good reason to enter your home. It is also important to wash all dishes at the end of the day, dirty dishes with food and crumbs left on them will attract ants and flies into the home.

Keep Your Home Organized
We all have that one room or area in the home that is only used for storing items. Maybe this room is the garage or the attic, both of which are higher risk places for an infestation to begin. By keeping these rooms neat and organized you can eliminate the places that critters will be able to hide. A cluttered and unorganized space will allow insects to easily hide and breed without you knowing until it is too late. If you’re putting away seasonal items in these storage rooms, make sure you appropriately clean the items before using them again.
These tips and tricks are great for prevention or for getting rid of those few kitchen ants you have seen from time to time. When it comes to a minor pest issue this guide you assist you in getting the problem under control. Although, if the situation starts to become unmanageable and there are more pests than you have fingers, it may be time to give Accurate Pest Control, Inc. a call. Don’t risk the property damage and potential health threat that living with these kinds of pests can cause, call Accurate Pest Control, Inc. at (954) 945-9154.