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How to Know if You Need an Expert for Pest Control in Weston

How to Know if You Need an Expert for Pest Control in Weston

9 Sep

How to Know if You Need an Expert for Pest Control in Weston

Rodents and rats are pesky critters. They can find themselves at home in between your walls and up in your attic. However, some homeowners are surprised to see that even after traps and fumigation, they still make their way back. This can be incredibly frustrating and unfortunately, many pest control companies can’t give what they promise. If you think that the rats are back, here are five sure signs that you need to try a different pest control company. 


The number one way you’ll know if you have rodents back in your home is if you see their droppings around your kitchen. They love to snack on your pantry items or drink water from dripping sinks. If there are a significant amount of droppings in a single area, you can guarantee that there’s a nest nearby.  

Gnaw Marks  

Rats love to chew into anything they can get their claws on, and that includes your cardboard packages. They can use them for their nests, or to get into yummy snacks. If the gnaw marks are lighter in color, they’re fresh. If you find ones that are darker in color, they’re old. You will also be able to tell if you have rats or mice, depending on the size of the marks.  

Strange Smells 

Rats and mice tend to leave an odor where they accumulate. If you have pets, they’re generally good identifiers of invaders. They’ll spend a lot of time near the nest, and they may even start pawing or prying at a wall or space.  

Track the Rodents 

The small creatures can leave small paw prints and smudge marks in areas that they travel frequently. A simple flashlight can give you a better look behind walls, under sinks, or in between small spaces. If you suspect that there is rodent activity in a specific area, try laying down a light layer of flour to track their movement.  


Last, but certainly not least, a nest is a sure sign that you have a rodent problem. When this happens, it’s not a matter of if, but a matter of how soon you can get professional pest control in Weston to your home.  

At Accurate Pest Control, we offer quality rodent control in Weston. In addition to our methods, we use green products so that your home stays safe and your pets aren’t harmed. If you’re ready to put your house back in order, trust a family that has been owned and operated since 1984. Your home doesn’t have room for small rodents. Call 954-584-8588 today to get your house back!