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Make the Most Out of Your Summer with Pest Control in Davie

Make the Most Out of Your Summer with Pest Control in Davie

6 Jun

Make the Most Out of Your Summer with Pest Control in Davie

Summer is a time to enjoy outdoor get-togethers with friends and family. However, what happens when pests invade and ruin a good time? Luckily, pest control in Davie helps minimize these issues so that you can enjoy your summer all season long. While there are multiple types of pests to consider, here are two types of preventative measures for homeowners in South Florida.

Soil Treatments with Pest Control in Davie

One of the most important things a new builder can do is a soil treatment. The process for termite prevention is required by the state of Florida and by the Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control. While the treatment should be repeated every five years for precautionary measure, new structures are especially susceptible. The material is mixed with water and sprayed along the structure before the concrete is poured. The solution can even be injected into the ground. While this may seem tedious and unnecessary, you’ll thank yourself when summertime rolls around.

Mosquitos, Rodents, Roaches – Oh My!

Some of the most dangerous creatures arrive during summer, looking for cool shelters to escape the heat and the rain. Florida, in particular, is known for having large, invasive insects and rodents, including mice, rats, mosquitos, roaches, bees, and more. While they may seem harmless, most of these pesky invaders carry harmful diseases and bacteria. Therefore, it’s better to have them taken care of before they become a risk to your loved ones.

Accurate Pest Control offers top-notch services for homeowners and business owners alike. You may worry about the harmful chemicals, but Accurate Pest Control prides themselves on working with green solutions. They know that your pets and plants are important to you, which is why they only work with the most advanced options. If you’re looking for pest control in Davie, you’re just in time! Summer is just beginning, so call us now at 954-584-8588 to truly enjoy it.