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Multiple Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Multiple Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Here at Accurate Pest Control we also provide low impact services, recommending and providing non-chemical measures before chemical techniques to control and eliminate pests.

Just as a hybrid seeks to reduce emissions from non-renewables, our goal is to reduce unnecessary pesticide applications that could cause human health problems and damage our ecosystem. Please contact us to discuss your project.

You Can be Green and Eliminate Termites

Termite Control Plantation

We want to protect the environment while ridding your property of termites. We can do this using Termistop®.

Termistop Flanges and Blockouts are a non-chemical solution that prevents termites from entering the home at the service penetrations through the slab. The stainless steel mesh creates a “physical barrier” to termite entry when it “keys” into the concrete. By addressing these areas during construction with Termistop Flanges and Blockouts, PCO’s reduce the need to apply chemical termiticides within the living space of the building.

Many green building programs around the country emphasize the use of physical barriers and non-chemical termite solutions. Termistop qualifies as a physical barrier in many of these programs and will capture points for the builder in some of the green building rating systems.

Termistop and the full Termimesh System have been specified in many high profile green building projects around the United States in both residential and commercial construction. Listen to what one of the premier green building architects in the nation has to say about the product.