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Pest Control Weston

Pest Control Weston

Accurate Pest Control, Inc. has been helping the people of Weston and the rest of South Florida find safe and effective solutions to their pest control problems since 1984. Residential and commercial buildings alike are affected by pests in the form of ants, termites, and even nuisance wildlife. The experience technicians at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. can help rid your property of any type of pest.

Termites infiltrate buildings and destroy their structures every day. In Weston, FL, many people falsely believe that their homes are safe from termite infestations because they are block or poured concrete. Even these types of structures can fall victim to termite damage. Treating the soil around a building is an effective way of controlling subterranean termites. Accurate Pest Control, Inc. also treats any weak spots in the building as an extra precaution.

Other, less common, pests include raccoons, possums, and various forms of nuisance wildlife. Many times, people take it upon themselves to try and rid their properties of these pests. Because wild animals carry diseases, it is wise to seek help from a professional pest control company like Accurate Pest Control, Inc.

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For professional and responsible pest control services in Weston, FL, call Accurate Pest Control.

Accurate Pest Control, Inc. is a proud member of the Florida Green Building Coalition, and strives to provide customers with environmentally friendly solutions for pest management. This includes recommending chemical free products and services whenever possible.

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