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Prevent Rodent Infestation with Accurate Pest Control

Prevent Rodent Infestation with Accurate Pest Control

Prevent Rodent Infestation with Accurate Pest Control

South Florida is filled with a variety of unwanted pests that will do anything to invade your home. But it’s not just insects such as termites and cockroaches which can be a menace.  Rodents such as rats, mice and squirrels can cause just as much damage and can pose even greater danger because they carry diseases and parasites. Not all pests are the same. Rodent control in Weston, FL often involves a different strategy.

What make rodents difficult to control are their instincts. Many people underestimate the intelligence of rats and mice. Unlike insects, these mammals are smart enough to avoid traps and baits. And once they begin to multiply, they can quickly colonize in your attic, burrows, under concrete, porches, wall voids and hard to reach places.  A pest control technician has the expertise to deal with all things mammal such as roof rats, Norway rats, bats, birds opossums and raccoons.

Rodents can be a tremendous nuisance once they enter your home. The key is to prevent them from invading your property. Just like anything else, rats and other rodents are constantly looking for food, water and shelter. Once they find an area that fits their needs, they start breeding. When rodents start making your home their home, you’ll begin to see evidence such as shedding hair, droppings, urine and dander. All of these disgusting items can contain bacteria, viruses and diseases.

To prevent rodents from entering your house, make sure you address their cravings. When rats and mice are hungry, they’ll go around a house hoping to scavenge food. If you have an indoor or outdoor trash can, always keep the lid tightly shut. If you have a pet, make sure their food bowls are cleared of crumbs or remnants of food. Remember, rats will look everywhere to find a food source. Make sure you clean your dishes and clear the table after meals. Rats have a very keen sense of smell. Any crumbs or leftovers can be fair game for these hungry critters.

But food is only part of the rodent control equation. Make sure you don’t have any standing water. Sometimes water can collect in dishes underneath plants. Also make sure you don’t have any leaks or water damage around the house. This not only prevents rodent infestation, it can also prevent mosquitos from reproducing.

Finally, if you have found rodents living in your home, you may need to purchase traps or rat poison. But the best way to remove these pests is to have a qualified pest control professional do the job. The experts at Accurate Pest Control Inc. in Plantation have been helping people from Davie to Deerfield Beach keep their homes pest-free since 1984. If you discover rodents living in your home, don’t wait for the problem to go away. It will only get worse. Call Accurate Pest Control Inc.  at 954-584-8588 today.