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Can Expert Pest Control in Plantation Help with Mosquitos?

Can Expert Pest Control in Plantation Help with Mosquitos?

Can Expert Pest Control in Plantation Help with Mosquitos?


Within the past few weeks, reports in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties have been delivered about a new mosquito that has been infecting people with a mosquito-borne disease known as the Chikungunya Virus. So far physicians and researchers have only seen two people contract this virus, one from Miami-Dade County and the other from Palm Beach County.  No reports of the Chikunguya virus have been discovered in Broward County. This may be good news for some in Plantation, FL, but it still doesn’t take away the concern many residents in the Tri-County area have about this new pest.

The summertime weather has been the cause for blame for bringing in these infected mosquitos to South Florida. The infected mosquitos have bit someone in the past who was infected with the virus somewhere in the Caribbean. Then they are coming to South Florida and biting someone else.  The woman in Miami who was bit by an infected mosquito carrying the Chikungunya virus has no history of traveling outside of Miami-Dade County at all. Therefore, it could be said the virus was acquired locally.

The Florida Department of Health is raising awareness on the Chikungunya virus. This is something that should not be taken lightly. All the residents in the Tri-County area should be more concerned about this virus. The symptoms of the Chikungunya virus include: fever, joint pain, headache, and rashes. Yes, Chikungunya is a disease spread by mosquitos and mosquitos can be found anywhere during the summer, but the virus is rarely fatal. Nonetheless, the symptoms can last for a long time – up to five or more days.

You never know if your next mosquito bite could be linked to the Chikungunya virus. That is why it is important to know how to prevent getting bitten by a mosquito. To protect yourself from these kinds of pests, you should wear bug spray at all times and wear long sleeves. You should also avoid going out at dusk or dawn. Homeowners are advised to drain all standing water around their homes. There shouldn’t be any containers of any size filled with water because those are breeding grounds for mosquitos. It is also a good idea to close all if your homes’ doors and windows. You want to protect yourself and your family.

Currently, there is no vaccine or medicine to treat the Chikungunya virus. Health officials do recommend people who have these symptoms to go visit their doctor. If you have a mosquito or pest issue in your home or neighborhood, you should a professional pest control company. Consider Accurate Pest Control, Inc. in Plantation, FL to help you build up some form of pest management plan. Accurate Pest Control, Inc. is a pest control company that is committed to protecting their customers’ homes and families safe from pests like termites, cockroaches, fleas, mosquitos, rodents and other unwanted pests. Some of their pest control services include lawn spraying and soil treatments. If you would like to get green solutions to your home’s pest problem, call Accurate Pest Control, Inc. today at (954) 880-3289.