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Protect Your Home with Precautionary Termite Treatment in Weston

Protect Your Home with Precautionary Termite Treatment in Weston

4 Apr

Protect Your Home with Precautionary Termite Treatment in Weston

Many companies talk about how they handle termite invasions, but are there ways to defend your home from termites before they tear your valuable property apart or cost you thousands of dollars? With new precautionary options, termite treatment in Weston is playing on the defensive team, working ahead of the opposing side to ensure win after win.

How Soil Treatments Enhance Termite Treatment

For decades termites have been a frustration for many South Florida residents. Finally, alternatives were offered so home, and business owners could avoid the pitfalls of these destructive invaders. The Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Entomology made soil treatments mandatory on newer homes.

Specifically, termite barriers are needed to treat the soil before concrete is laid. The barriers help protect against Subterranean Termites ahead of time. While this is done as a spray, termite baits are another option. Bait systems help to destroy any existing termite colonies and can be checked by a professional to ensure that your home will be safe, secure, and termite-free.

For Weston homeowners who have already begun the building phase, but are looking for further protection, wood treatment options are available. Wood treatments help to protect the wooden internal structure from becoming a welcome dinner.

Who Can Help Me with Termite Treatment in Weston?

Since 1984, Accurate Pest Control has been a number one provider of termite services. With experience and practice, we have learned works and what does not. If you are a homeowner and need termite treatment in Weston, regardless if you’re building a new home or looking to rid yourself of current pests, our family owned and operated team has you covered. With termites, there’s no time to waste! Call us today at (954) 584-8588 and schedule your appointment!