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Say Goodnight to Bed Bugs with Accurate Pest Control

Say Goodnight to Bed Bugs with Accurate Pest Control

Say Goodnight to Bed Bugs with Accurate Pest Control

When people think of insects that invade our homes in South Florida, bed bugs usually aren’t at the top of the list. But that trend is slowly changing. A recent bed bug outbreak at the University of Miami forced several students out of their dormitories and into a hotel.  Bed bugs aren’t typically found in Broward homes. But if you travel frequently and stay at hotels there’s a good chance you could be bringing these pesky hitchhikers back to your home.  These blood sucking pests can cause severe skin irritations and even carry illness and disease. If you discover bed bugs in your home, it’s essential to call a pest control company to remove them right away.

Bed bugs are reddish-brown, small oval-shaped, non-flying insects which can live anywhere in your home. They can live in furniture cracks, clothing and upholstered furniture. But they are most known for living deep in the fabrics of beds. They usually come out at night and love to feast on human blood. A bite from a bed bug is painless and not initially noticed.  But if you suddenly develop red bumps and rashes on your skin, there’s a very good sign they’ve invaded your home.

If you live in Plantation, Deerfield Beach, Weston, Davie or anywhere in Broward County, you’re typically not going to find these pest in your house. Bed bugs are typically found in the Northeast. But infestations often occur when people stay in motels. Placing your suitcase and clothing on a motel bed can help bring these pests into your house. As more South Floridians travel to other parts of the country, they’re bringing these intruders with them.

Getting rid of bed bugs isn’t easy. These insects are so tiny, they can live inside your clothes without being noticed. They can live up to a year without feeding. In many cases they can be found in unoccupied rooms. It takes the skill of a pest control expert to ultimately rid them from your house. An exterminator can properly inspect your house and locate the area where bed bugs congregate. A pest control technician can determine whether your mattress should be either disinfected or discarded. One of the best ways for homeowners to reduce bed bugs is to deep clean and scrub infested areas of the house.

Insects and pests are part of life in South Florida. But they don’t have to be a part of yours. If bed bugs have invaded your home, the technicians at Accurate Pest Control in Weston have the experience and knowledge to keep your home pest free. Accurate Pest Control can return to your house in between scheduled visits and retreat your home at no additional cost. Call today and say goodnight to bedbugs.