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Signs of Mice from the Experts at Accurate Pest Control in Weston

Signs of Mice from the Experts at Accurate Pest Control in Weston

4 Apr

Signs of Mice from the Experts at Accurate Pest Control in Weston

South Florida is home to a wide variety of four-legged intruders. The long list of pests includes large and invasive rodents such as mice and rats. Though they may seem harmless, the damage they can cause can be expensive. Rats and mice may be difficult to get rid of, as they are nesting creatures, and may find your home cozy and welcoming. If you have mice, you may need pest control in Weston!

How to Know if Pest Control in Weston is needed

Mice enter homes for two reasons, one is to find food and water, and the other is to find shelter. Mice can make their way through almost any material, leaving your home vulnerable to their damaging teeth. They can work their way through insulation, wires, wood, and food containers. Mice also have a plethora of diseases and illnesses that you won’t want anywhere near your meals or your loved ones.

How can you spot mice? One of the most common ways homeowners or business owners know that they have intruders is from the small mouse droppings that are usually located in cabinets or cupboards. You may also spot small nibbles alongside wooden surfaces or even soft surfaces, such as bedding. Tiny bite marks are a sign that these creatures are living in your house. This eventually means that you may end up with baby mice, which only adds to the infestation.

How Pest Control in Weston Can Provide Protection from Mice

At Accurate Pest Control, we’ll secure the perimeter of your home, checking all doors, windows, and other small locations. Mice are tiny and able to work their way into any potential opening. Fumigation is the best option, as it works to penetrate within walls, attics, and even the small, useable cracks within the foundation. If you’re looking for pest control in Weston, the professionals at Accurate Pest Control can help. We know that not all pest companies can keep their word, but as a family owned and operated business, we work with you until your troubles are gone! Call (954) 584-8588 today.