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Summer Lawn Care: Three Benefits of Lawn Spraying

Summer Lawn Care: Three Benefits of Lawn Spraying

Gardener with Pests Spray
6 Jun

Summer Lawn Care: Three Benefits of Lawn Spraying

With the summer finally here, it’s time to take full advantage of the Florida sunshine! The warmth and beauty native to Florida draws millions to our slice of paradise each summer to soak in the rays. Enjoying the beauty of South Florida has to offer begins at home with a lush and healthy lawn. However, without proper care, your lawn and garden can quickly fall victim to any number of harmful factors. Pests, dehydration, invasive weeds, and other yard destroying factors can turn your lawn into a barren desert if you’re not careful. Make sure you take proper care of your lawn and garden to keep it beautiful all summer long! Getting your lawn professionally sprayed by a pest management company in Plantation is a great way to start.  

Three Benefits of Lawn Spraying 

Pest Control 

Pest management in Plantation begins before they ever reach your house. With pest management in Plantation, lawn spraying creates a protective barrier around your home, stopping intrusions and infestations before they have time to do their damage. This includes annoying ants, roaches, water bugs, and termites that can cause serious harm before you even know they’re there. Lawn spraying in Plantation may also ward off more dangerous invaders like wasps and fire ants. 

Don’t wait until bugs and other summertime pests make it inside to do something. By the time you notice them inside, it’s already too late. It can take months to completely rid yourself of invasive insect visitors. A proactive approach with Accurate Pest Control means your home is protected through the summer and beyond!  

Protect Your Lawn and Garden 

Summer bugs aren’t just a threat to your home’s structural integrity. Some insects can do damage to the lawn itself, especially those drawn to freshly blooming flowers or any fruit trees you may have. Mole crickets, chinch bugs, and billbugs are notorious for destroying yards from the roots up, making them hard to notice until the onslaught has already begun. Cutworms, armyworms, sod webworms, and other pests may also lurk unseen beneath the soil.  

Accurate Pest Control works both above and below the soil to target pests where they live. Because we understand the most common threats to your summer playground, know exactly how to prevent coming invasions and treat any existing issues at hand. Our lawn spraying in Plantation can also help your lawn maintain its healthy appearance. 

No Harm to the Environment 

Concerned about the effects of pesticides on your lawn, surrounding environments, or your family’s health? Harsh chemicals used for keeping pests at bay can be harmful to your health and affect your local ecosystem. Luckily, green initiatives for pest control were designed to put your mind at ease. Non-chemical options for pest management in Plantation include creating physical boundaries for termites and other insects that may come to visit for the summer. Steel mesh or concrete barriers can protect your home’s foundation and internal structure from hungry termites. If these physical measures are ineffective or not plausible, eco-friendly, non-chemical solutions may also be employed. 

With Accurate Pest Control, our lawn spraying services use minimal chemicals to keep your family and the environment safe. Our green solutions use the most advanced technology to directly target pests without risking your health.  

For more information about our lawn spraying and other pest management services, contact us today!