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Summer Services from Pest Management in Plantation

Summer Services from Pest Management in Plantation

9 Sep

Summer Services from Pest Management in Plantation

Though summer is ending, it doesn’t mean that the pests in your yard are going away. Florida is a summer setting all year round, and that means constant upkeep with a company specializing in pest management in Plantation. Many services can keep your property safe, but here are the top services most homeowner’s request during the warm months. 

Fumigations, Mosquito and Rodent Control with Pest Management in Plantation  

The top services in South Florida during the summer are termite fumigations, mosquito services, and rodent control services. Termites make their homes in humid environments. Because summer is exceptionally moist, it brings a lot of termites searching for new living environments and wood structures to snack on. There are a few different approaches to getting rid of termites. The first is to do a preventative lawn spraying. Alternatively, you can use soil treatments or fumigations if they’re found inside the house.  

Mosquitos have recently caused an uproar in South Florida. While the residents enjoyed a brief moment without them, they are now back in full force. Mosquitos make it challenging to enjoy a nice evening outside. If there is a pond or pool present, they make themselves even more noticeable. A professional pest control company can help minimize their impact so that you can soak in the great outdoors.   

Last, but certainly not least are rodents. During the summer, it can be hot and sticky. Rodents, like people, don’t necessarily love being outside in the thick of it. They do, however, love making a home in your attic or walls. It’s even better if you have a water source, so they have all they need without having to stray very far. If you’re suffering from pest control issues, contact a company experienced in pest management in Plantation. Florida is a state that has pests 365 days a year. Take precautions, take action, and make your home pest-free with Accurate Pest Control. With years of experience and green solutions, why call anyone else? All it takes is a click of a button by contacting 954-584-8588 today!