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The Rainy Weather Means It’s Time for Pest Control in Davie

The Rainy Weather Means It’s Time for Pest Control in Davie

5 May

The Rainy Weather Means It’s Time for Pest Control in Davie

The massive amount of rain we’ve been getting lately is excellent for our lush greenery in Davie, but it’s bringing out the worst in terms of 4-legged pests. You may have heard about it or personally – or noticed more bugs and other critters around or inside your property. The combination of the rain, humidity and warm temperatures is driving more bugs into our homes. It’s definitely time for pest control in Davie. And Accurate Pest Control, Inc., a family-owned business is an excellent choice.

Accurate Pest Control in Davie Can Handle Ant, Bug, and Critter Problems

Bugs need shelter from too much rain, too. But unbeknown to them, your home is not a good choice. There is so much to look out for these days — mosquitos, roaches, fleas, ants… along with more gators, snakes, frogs, and lizards, among other creatures and bugs – all trying to escape the rain and find dry ground. But Accurate Pest Control can handle them all, and then some.

There are measures we can take on our own to try to curtail the problems, such as disposing of loose brush, dump standing water, and repair any torn screens or cracked doors or windows. And inside your home, be sure to wipe up any spills, again—no standing water or food items on counters that can attract bugs.

But with all of those efforts, you will likely still need a pest control professional. Accurate Pest Control in Davie is one of several of the company’s locations throughout the state of Florida. They’ve been around since 1984—so yes, they know what they’re doing. They have a large fleet of state-of-the-art custom spray vehicles can handle both big and small jobs from 5 square feet to over 900,000 square feet. Plus- we’re committed to offering cost-effective GREEN solutions for pest control to our customers.

Our expert technicians will come out, talk to you about your issues, and create a service plan that is best for you. Call us for your pest control needs in Davie. But whatever you do, don’t say Rain, Rain, go away. We need it!