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Types of Termite Control in Weston

Types of Termite Control in Weston

8 Aug

Types of Termite Control in Weston

Termite control in Weston isn’t uncommon. In fact, Florida is a state that homes more than a few species of termites. While some are more damaging than other, their very existence near a property can make a person cringe. Termites cause billions of dollars worth of destruction every year. Though they’re small, they can deteriorate massive structures from the inside out. Luckily, there are a few ways to prevent or treat termites.  

Fumigation vs. Soil Treatments: Termite Control Weston  

Fumigation and soil treatments are two very different things. In short, fumigation is generally used for homes that already have termites. This means that they are living in the woodwork of the house, finding food and bedding in a place they are very unwelcome. Fumigation will get rid of any pest in your home, not just termites. For individuals with many pest problems, fumigation can be highly beneficial.

A soil treatment is used as a preventative measure. Before a new structure is built, a professional pest control company must come out to perform a soil treatment. They infuse the soil with a solution around the base where the concrete will go. This will help in detouring termites from fresh wood installations. This is otherwise known as a termite barrier. It is a requirement by the state of Florida.  

For fumigation and soil treatments, one will only want to hire a professional. It’s nothing to be messed with, and not all pest control companies are certified to handle soil treatments. At Accurate Pest Control, we have the experience and knowledge to build a strong termite barrier. We also have the tools to perform green solution fumigation. As caretakers of our environment, we feel that non-chemical solutions are better for everyone, including families and pets. If you’re in need of termite control in Weston, we understand how frustrating this process can be. We will act with care when dealing with your home.  We will also work quickly to get you back into your property as soon as possible. No matter the size of the job, we know we have what it takes to solve all of your pest problems. Call 954-584-8588 and receive your personalized service plan today.