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Understanding Termite Behavior: Termite Control in Weston

Understanding Termite Behavior: Termite Control in Weston

9 Sep

Understanding Termite Behavior: Termite Control in Weston

If you’re in need of termite control in Weston, you’ll want them out as soon as possible. Termites may be small, but in large numbers, they’re one of the most destructive natural forces on the planet. While calling Accurate Pest Control in Weston can get rid of the invaders, it can’t hurt to know a bit more about the unwelcome residents in your home.  

Eating and Nesting Habits: Termite Control in Weston  

There are different types of termites, as they are separated into classes. They even look different depending on what class they fall into. The ones that look like larvae are actually soldier termites. The termites that are more developed are worker termites. The worker termites are the type that is responsible for finding food for the colony. Surprisingly, termites in search of food can cover vast areas, ranging up to 300 feet! 

Once they’ve found an area with food for their colony, they begin to build their nests. Worker termites are also responsible for finding and producing the nest. Between their food source and the center of their homes, they create tunnels. Termites need humidity to flourish, which is why Florida is such a popular place to find these small creatures. Soldier termites, on the other hand, are the ones that stay behind to defend the colony, the queen, and the king termite. 

By understanding their patterns and behaviors, you can know what you’re up against. If you catch sight of a termite, you can rest assured that your house is either being scouted for food or shelter. At Accurate Pest Control, we handle hundreds of termite cases each year.  

When termites take over, they aren’t only annoying, but they’re also a threat to your foundation’s stability and resale value. If you’re ready to get rid of termites, allow Accurate Pest Control to relieve your property of devastation. We can tent the area, disposing of anything inside. We also use green techniques, as we’re cautious about our footprint within the environment and for your family. Call for termite control in Weston at 954-584-8588 and eliminate termites once and for all.